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Your thoughts on guild wars 2 and other mmo's

March 28, 2012 - 5:23pm -- Killer Bee

I really feel like to many people compare gw2 to WoW and other games when they are their own game.

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I think the reason they do is WoW has been (and still is, for now) the most popular MMO and has typically set the benchmark for forthcoming MMO's.

It's a game that is familiar with many and I think that's why people want to compare it to GW2. But I can see why they shouldn't be, they are as you said completely different games. It's chalk and cheese with these two, hopefully once everyone gets a chance to see that they'll realise this isn't just an upgrade to GW but a complete( and overdue) revamp of the genre.

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Killer Bee
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I agree... But I feel like people should stop trying to shoot every mmo down and give it a chance and see that GW2 and other mmo's are not  trying to better then WoW nor are they trying to be like it.


But hey WoW players are hard core fans.

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I agree with Humanitarian. Statistically speaking, more people are familar with WoW than any other MMO so it's natural for them to compare GW2 (and basically every MMO coming out) to WoW. Is the comparison valid? No, IMO. But people are just trying to relate what they see in GW2 with what they have experienced in WoW. 

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Like it or not, WoW is a big part of the industry. It's hard to make a blockbuster MMO without being compared to it, unfortunately.

That's not to say that GW2 would come off worse in such a comparison :D