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Trading Post Transactions

March 23, 2012 - 9:21am -- Eledhan

Does anyone know whether the Trading Post is going to list items from all servers? Or at least items from all servers of the same language? Because that would just be AWESOME...

I'm asking because I'm curious as to whether this game is going to allow me to trade with hundreds of players or hundreds of THOUSANDS of players...I want hundreds of thousands...

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The marketplace/trading post/auction house, or whatever they call it will be global so you will be trading with millions of players. 

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Thanks, Kaden!

You wouldn't happen to have a source for this, would you? I seem to recall reading something like this, but I couldn't remember...hence the question...

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It is unknown currently, but there is a blog post about the trading post coming soon. Check that for information when you can.



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Is the marketplace going to be global between servers, i.e. drawing data for marketplace prices and selection from multiple servers, or is it going to be local to a specific server?

Eric: The Marketplace will be global, drawing data from all servers.

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Wow, that's awesome!

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