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GW2 Answers

Welcome to the GW2 Answers! To learn more about how the system works, how it differs from traditional game forums, and how to go about asking or answering questions, take a moment to read through FAQ below.

What is GW2 Answers?

GW2 Answers is a system that helps fill the gaps between long-form game guides, the navigational labyrinth of wikis, and discussion forums. Rather than digging through mountains of info to find something specific, instead users can ask direct questions about GW2 to leverage the expertise of the larger community.

How is GW2 Answers different from traditional forums?

Forums can be one of the best ways for communities to grow and connect. In fact, we also have forums here on the site. The strength of forums - beyond being a great community resource - is the ability to present info or have long-form discussions on specific topics.

In contrast, GW2 Answers is presented in a very direct Q&A format. So say you're curious about where to find X in-game, or how long it takes to do Y, you can ask it here and get direct answers to your specific question. While this can also be done through forums, more often than not those threads quickly get bumped down the list in favor of more active discussions on broader topics.

What kind of questions can I ask?

As long as your question is somehow directly related to Guild Wars 2, it's fair game. To start out with we obviously won't have a lot of questions submitted by readers, so you'll be able to tell fairly quickly if your question has already been asked.

However, as the system grows and contains more questions, a good place to start will be to search current questions to see if yours has already been asked. This can either be done from the Newest Questions page, or you can also view list of all questions tagged with specific keywords by browsing through the list of currently used tags.