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Do I have to wear pants in Guild Wars 2?

March 9, 2012 - 1:30pm -- jwoles

I typically play MMOs in my underwear or pajamas, and though I recognize the need to wear pants in public, I generally prefer to go pantsless whenever possible.

Will this personal preference be reflected in my character in Guild Wars 2, or will I be unduly punished for not wearing pants?

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Joined: Feb 13 2012
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In-game you have the option to strip your character down to their underwear if you want, but then you won't have any of the benefits from wearing armor. 

Also, while the other races all wear pants, sylvari wear plants. wink

JJGlyph (not verified)
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You can certainly go pantsless! Side effects include: - Intense gawking - A draft of cold air down under - Critical hits on the family jewels - Jail
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Joined: Mar 23 2012
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Pants? Who needs pants Sardu?

Its a simple world for complicated people



Killer Bee
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Joined: Mar 28 2012
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No you don't have to.

Jump Fa

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I play o-natural both in-game and IRL. Clothes are for the weak.

Because I'm worth it.

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Joined: Apr 11 2012
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I hear if you are not wearing pants, you can learn an elite skill that freezes your enemies in place while they gawk at your naughty bits.**





**Not real...of course

"He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire" --Winston Churchill

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Joined: Apr 26 2012
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Just dont go on cold zones

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Joined: Apr 26 2012
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I wouldn't recommend rolling a pantless Norn. I hear it gets mighty cold in Norn-country.

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Joined: Apr 26 2012
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yes.....unless theyre beaten off of you

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Joined: Sep 8 2012
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pants who needs them when its worm and suny ? 

well for the stats everyone  but if its esthetic reasons ok...

i prefer to have the extra stats + cold resistance :D