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Are there any fan sites for rangers?

February 28, 2012 - 8:45am -- Barlow

I know there are a bunch of fan sites for specific professions (necro, guardian, engineer, mesmer) but was wondering if there are any fan sites for rangers yet? 

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Joined: Mar 22 2012
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I looked around for a little while and can't seem to find one... So I'd say that it seems there isn't a fan site for rangers yet. I can't guarantee that however, but I didn't have much luck searching on google or trying to look around on Guru forums.

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Joined: Mar 23 2012
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Didn't Lewis B work on one at some point? I couldn't fine one though, so I assume there aren't any at the moment. I didn't search very long however, so I could have just missed it

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I was looking for one also.  If you find one, please post on here.  


Would be cool if we could find one that was as involved as Sardu's

Killer Bee
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Yeah I hope someone one makes one soon and makes it as good as 


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Razor4884 (not verified)
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I found these two after a bit of searching.