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Stuck between Engineer and Necromancer

July 24, 2012 - 10:21pm -- ipvrf

So I have nailed my choices down to one of these two classes to roll at release. I could you some advice about the two classes to pick the best one for what I want.

The one thing I want to do is to NOT reroll before I hit 80 and belive me when I say I am an altholic. And then I found that both of these classes were "considered" to have a very long path to mastering the profession.

I just had a baby boy and this makes three so I will be playing with "long term" success in mind and of course the leveling that goes along with it. I wont have alot of time to do math spreadsheets and tons of research to keep up with the builds that require tons of work.

The class needs to fill both DPS, and Support roles.

I will be leveling up in PvE and some WvW, which one has the easier leveling curve in your opinions.

Which one seemed easier to pick up and do well with?

And finally,. What did you find as you played both in the Beta Weekends?

Thank you so much! 

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Submitted by MallowOni on
So unfortunately I can't offer any engineering or WvW perspective, but I can say that the necro is fully capable of strong DPS and support, and has a short learning curve. When the mesmer just didn't work out the way I wanted, on the spot I came up with this necro build for sPVP and had a blast. It could readily shred my targets (with so many bleeds the fountain of deadly numbers over their head was glorious!), but I could switch to staff and have a full set of AoE abilities that were both offensive and defensive. The signets were also a huge help. Just when one or two of my teammates were about to be finished, I could pick them right back up. One of my weakened teammates just got immobilized? No problem. Plague Signet pulls it off them & lets me slap it on the enemy of my choice. And while most people seemed to prefer Lich Form for their elite skill, I couldn't pass up the utility offered by Plague, especially when you pair its Plague of Darkness ability with the Pitch Black trait, or even just use Plague of Pestilence to peel pursuers off your team members.

The only thing in that build you may not care as much for is the Nightmare armour runes, but you could always slot a rune set that provides group bonuses when you heal such as the Centaur runes instead. Due to Plague Signet you should be using your Consume Conditions heal a lot anyway so everyone will get 12s of swiftness pretty often, and the 20% extra duration on your Spectral Walk would just be icing on the cake.

Try going into sPVP with both classes. That way you can be level 80 without having to grind your way there, and you can find out what you'd prefer over the course of a day or few rather than months.

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Submitted by sylvinstar on

I've played both.  Most recently I played Engineer in BWE3, but only for PvE content.  It was a blast, but I have heard that they are not easy to play in structured PvP.  WvW PvP may be a different story.  Honestly I am going to play Necro as my main, because I like the flavor of the class, but Ranger and Engineer are incredibly fun in PvE as well.  Both Engineer and Necro can play support or DPS, although Engineer has Elixer gun, which to me sounds like an amazingly fun way to play support.

WvW is fun to pick up.  My suggestion is to go PvE and run WvW when you want a change of pace.  In WvW you will have the same skills etc. that you have in PvE, so it won't be difficult to get into.  I also had a son just recently and am in this for the long haul.  I would say that the no subscription model will fit both of us very well.