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WvW Update Interview: 21 March 2013

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March 20, 2013 - 7:13pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 WvW

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be sitting down with ArenaNet to ask them all about the lastest update that arrives on the 26th March. Considering this update is all about enhancements to WvW our interview will be covering just that topic. I'm posting this short piece (albeit at short notice) to invite anyone who does have any burning questions they want to ask, to write them here so I can take them straight to the developers! We'll have a full transcript of our interview ready for Monday when the embargo lifts. 


chaosgyro's picture
Submitted by chaosgyro on

Will we be seeing any significant class balancing? (since that usually goes along with PvP)

Any chance they'll change their stance on WvW being "pve+" and treat it more like real pvp? (no repair costs, etc.)

vanguardsoul's picture
Submitted by vanguardsoul on
I don't remember hearing it specifically mentioned but will the culling changes affect both friend and enemy models? Besides culling, has there ever been discussion around other types of performance improvements like spell effect limiters?

Entombed's picture
Submitted by Entombed on

I have several:

-Can we expect new gear/stat combinations from Badge of Honor vendors?

-Are there any plans to solve the lag that plagues the entire map during large fights?  (Many times the lag hits people entirely away from the fight)

-Will we ever see unique skins come from WvW?  (PvE and dungeons get unique gear, why can't we?)

-WvW players have felt like second class citizens in this game.  We are receiving our first major patch when every other aspect of the game has been touched upon numerous times.  Do you plan to counteract this in the future?  

-Many tiers are becoming stale, each week servers find themselves facing the same realms and achieving the same rank.   Do you have any plans to resolve this? (Numerous people have suggested random, map-wide events like dragon events that sort of change the flow of battle from time to time.)

-Most hardcore WvWers find that the 5-person cap on AOE's benefit zergs over small, organized groups.  Are there any plans to remove this in the future?  (You could extend this further by asking what are their plans for countering the commonly described "zerg v zerg" in WvW?

- Fractals, Explorable Modes, and grinding events in Orr appear to be the routes most people take to make the most money, WvW players seem out of luck in this respect.  Are there any plans to resolve the overall difference in how much players earn in WvW?

Feel free to reword any of the questions, thank you so much for giving us a chance to offer our input.

-Aeneas (Sanctum of Rall) 

gabal's picture
Submitted by gabal on

Will there be any benefit for a guild to claim a structure in WvW? At the moment it is only for bragging rights and gold sink and if you are not familiar with the symbol you have no idea who claimed it. A suggestion is to maybe make banners with guild emblem targetable and it could then say to which guild that emblem belongs.

Any chance we could get a live score that refreshes at every tick on official page so we don't have to rely on community input at

Will there be incentives and rewards awarded for winning the matchup? Maybe a daily-like chest based on participation in the current matchup and the finishing position of server.

Will you remove badges of honor from jumping puzzle and award them only for player kills - at the moment the more appropriate name for them should be "badges of jumping".