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"Stylish Hoodies" Available in the Gem Store

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March 12, 2013 - 12:00am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2

If you haven't already seen, the gem store has been updated with various new town clothes including "stylish hoodies" (says who?). There are a total of 6 new additions, including a pair of trousers, gloves, boots and 3 hoodies. Generally they look pretty good and are cheap at 150-200 gems each, though they aren't particularly exciting.

Perhaps it's just me, but surely ArenaNet can produce items for the gem store more frequently and ones, similar to the quaggan back packs, that scream "Buy me!". I can't help but wonder why ArenaNet really aren't exploiting the possibilities of the gem store and utilising it on the same level as Team Fortress 2; having dedicated ArenaNet employees constantly producing original, awesome skins people want. I think they've really failed to grasp just how willing people are to part with their money for something purely cosmetic.

Guild Wars 2 Hoodies

Guild Wars 2 Hoodies

Thank you to Phantosmia and Dulfy for their fabulous pictures over on Reddit.


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How would these look on an Asura?