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Scavenger Hunt for Precursors

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January 11, 2013 - 10:36pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Scavenger Hunt

I’m completely support the premise of a scavenger hunt for precursors with a recent discussion on Reddit offering some interesting viewpoints. Although perhaps a little controversial, I don’t believe a scavenger hunt should allow you to obtain a precursor for much cheaper than what they are on the Trading Post. Inevitably, these are the building blocks for a legendary weapon and should be difficult to obtain. Perhaps the current prices for some precursors are too high (here’s looking at you, Juggernaut) but I believe it would be fair to see the scavenger hunt price the total cost as somewhere in the region of 250g.

What I would like to see is a scavenger hunt that draws parallels to the Paladin mount quest in World of Warcraft. During this quest it sent you on a lengthy adventure around the game world, but also cost you a significant sum of money based on what items you had to bring the quest giver. This worked out really well as it didn’t provide the Paladin with a mount advantage over other professions, it gave you something unique, while also providing you with a measurable goal you could work towards. It’s key for ArenaNet to identify this difference, so that for once, people aren’t at the behest of the gods as to whether or not they’ll land lucky and receive a precursor they can actually use.

What are your thoughts on the proposed scavenger hunt?


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Submitted by tarian on

I would love if they did something like the classic WoW paladin and warlock mount quests.  Those quests were epic.  I remember helping paladins in my guild with rattlegore portion back in the day, and I also remember doing the quest on my warlock (while paladins got help to do their stuff, most warlocks like myself got the pleasure of figuring out how to solo most of our quests intended for 5 man groups).  I still think the warlock quest line was better done than the paladin one, but meh.

All of that being said, I think the t .5 quest line from classic WoW would be more appropriate for these scavenger hunt precursors.  Where you start off with something relatively common, and then build it up through a series of quests.  That quest line was quite well done as well, and I think it's more appropriate.  The scavenger hunts could trigger zone events (giving people reasons to go back out into the world) as well as be tied to special bosses inside explorable dungeons.  Essentially doing the same thing WoW's epic quests did, reuse current content by adding a few things and making it more difficult, and giving a substantial reward for the work.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

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Submitted by chunho01 on

I agree with giving reasons for people to go out in the open world. Nowadays the open maps, other than the specific few with dungeons and dragons, are like barren lands. It's disheartening to see such things happening in such a nicely done virtual world.