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November 15 Patch Notes and Discussion

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November 15, 2012 - 10:27pm -- innuendo

A new patch has landed with a metric ton of bullet points included. In addition to your typical  smattering of bug fixes (some to the chagrin of certain professions), there are huge updates to sPvP, loot, and more included with this hefty patch. I want to highlight some of the standout updates from this patch. I’ll skip over the content additions that are coming with the Lost Shores update, we covered that already.


The big changes here are new “Bags of Wondrous Goods” that can drop randomly from any mob in the dungeon. These bags drops coins and karma typically. Tthis lets people who only want to dungeon run to get Karma finally, a huge change. Bags that drop in explorable mode can even contain dungeon tokens for that dungeon, fulfilling a long standing promise to add tokens as random drops.

The second major change to dungeons is unique items from each dungeon are now available via random drops. These armor sets are supposed to have new stat combinations that will hopefully allow certain PvE builds to finally feel like there are combinations that are ideal for them. This also makes each specific dungeon have more relevance than simply rewarding a certain unique look at the end of running it 500 odd times.

Legendary Items​

This patch also begins what is sure to be a big change to the item structure and reward tiers leading up to legendary weapons. Minor changes include increasing the drop rate of precursors from the Mystic Forge. This feels like a band-aid to stem the ever rising price of exotics, but it should prove effective, if not crude. Major changes include Ascended Gear, but if you follow my previous work, you know how I feel about that. It does seem there has been some good reassurances coming out of ArenaNet so far, so I'll try and remain temperate. In addition, we've gotten more hints at some sort of scavenger hunt to get precursors, but it appears that hasn’t made the cut just yet.

Structured PvP

Rejoice, rejoice! We are on a good path. Still missing some major features that I'm sure ArenaNet is aware of, but the things they did include in this patch are simply amazing. Allow me to list some.

  • 5v5 pickup matches will now appear in the server browser, in addition to 8v8
  • Daily/Monthly achievements for sPvP that reward tournament tickets and glory boosts
  • A /rank command so that player may begin tracking their progress
  • Downed health nerfed to 75%

That isn’t even all the updates, as LewisB already previewed. But this is a pretty good update for sPvP’ers and strikes very high at the list of priorities. The downed health change by itself should please a huge number of the top players in the community, some who have been suggesting this exact fix since beta.

The Rest

I won't dive into any specifics here, but you can find the full list of updates at the following link. All in all, this update is huge step forward. While it didn’t address all the needs, and in fact left a lot of professions still wanting some, you can see the steady progress towards a better game. All of these changes in addition to the huge content patch this month are indicative of the continued focus by ArenaNet to making this a stellar game. Onwards!

Source: Game Update Notes – November 15, 2012



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Submitted by bargamer on

"*Harvesting tools are now account bound." YEEEEES! YES-YES-YES, I LOVE YOU, ARENANET!

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Submitted by Yski on

Seeing others get happy for no apparent reason always cheers me up laugh

That, and the expression of that guardians and his two friends I managed to solo in WvW earlier, which happened before they buffed practically everything on my build. I particularly like the changes on blood fiend. I thought that skill was amazing before, but now...

I'm off to WvW! Just look for the trail of corpses, you'll find me smiley

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!