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News Recap February 13th

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February 13, 2014 - 11:32pm -- Lee B.
Guild Wars 2 News

Today is a big day of news for ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 as they released news about the upcoming removal of PvP Glory, the WvW Spring 2014 Tournament, the overhaul of cinematic tools and NCSoft’s Fourth Quarter report. This is some huge amount of news, and big ones at that that certainly caught some of us off guard in their sudden arrival. Along with this we have a whole batch of new CDIs on the official forums and coming this Tuesday is an exciting new Living World update.

Phasing Out PvP Glory

Phasing out PvP Glory

As part of the announced Player vs. Player Rewards Roadmap released in December, ArenaNet has just announced that they will be no longer rewarded at a maintenance patch that is due on March 18th. This patch will be removing random reward chests from PvP and will update current rank point rewards in an effort to allow players to start earning better rewards when Glory is removed. More news on this will likely be discussed at the Ready Up livestream due tomorrow at 2 PM PST.

Can find the full article on the changes to PvP Glory here.

WvW Spring 2014 Tournament

WvW Spring 2014 Tournament

Coming March 28th, and running to May 16th, we begin the Spring 2014 Tournament. This will take the place of the Season-system we had in the past, and will be ran much more akin to a Swiss-style system of matches and ranking. Over the course of seven weeks we will see hopefully see more competitive fights. Among other things one of the major design changes for this is a complete set of new rewards, including two brand-new sets of weapons that can’t be gotten anywhere else.

More information on the Spring 2014 Tournament can be found here.

Overhauling the Cinematic Tools

While we don’t have much information on how these changes will ultimately take effect, it has been announced that we will see gradual improvement of cut-scenes. Matthew Oswald, the Cinematic Lead for ArenaNet, went on to say that the cinematics we saw in the personal story – where two characters talk to one another on a stage-like setting – have been retired. This isn’t to say however that they intend to go back redo the cinematics, but they just might if there is time for it.

More of the discussion on this can be found on the official forums here.

NCSoft’s Fourth Quarter Report

NCSoft appears to be making some serious earnings this year and show no signs of slowing down for 2014. Among other notes, Guild Wars 2 became the company’s 2nd biggest revenue source and well exceeded sales expectations for the fourth quarter. Guild Wars 2 made total revenue of 115.9 Million USD and exceeded sales expectations for the year.

And people say the game is already dead.

You can listen to the earnings report here, or go to LiveSpartan235’s Reddit post on the subject here.

New Collaborative Development Initiatives (CDIs)

Three new CDIs have come up on the topics of Fractals, Leagues and the Edge of the Mists on the official forums. As with previous discussions these are meant to be a way for the developers and the community to brainstorm together to come up with solutions that everyone will enjoy. These topics will begin on Monday February 17th.

More information, and the rules for the CDI, can be found on the official forums here.

Escape from Lion’s Arch

The Siege Begins

Coming Tuesday February 18th is the newest Living World update “Escape from Lion’s Arch”. What we know so far is that Lion’s Arch will be under siege by Scarlet and her minions that will lead to the epic finale of this season’s Living World. Will this be the end of Lion’s Arch as we know it?

We will have more content on this soon, as we will be sitting down with ArenaNet tomorrow to discuss more of this release. In the mean time you can view the official trailer of the release here.