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Magic Find Chest And Mystic Forge Confirmation

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November 1, 2012 - 3:41am -- Lewis B
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Yesterday over on the official forums, ArenaNet finally confirmed that Magic Find does not effect chests.  As a result, utilising Magic Find gear will only benefit you when out in the game world killing creatures.  Isiah Cartwright goes on to state that this was intended so people don't equip Magic Find gear before opening a chest.  Interestingly, two posts down from this Isiah then goes on to confirm that Magic Find also doesn't effect the Mystic Forge, based on the fact the Mystic Forge and Chests have their own loot tables.

In simple terms, this makes Magic Find even more useless than it already is.  Alongside the already low drop rate for rare or exotic items (with or without Magic Find) to not have it effect chests and/or the Mystic Forge leaves it a very expensive extravagance with little or no noticeable return.  The choice to have it not affect Chests and the Mystic Forge is entirely sensible, to which I wholeheartedly agree.  However, they must surely now agree to look into the Magic Find system or remove it entirely from the game, based on the fact it’s adding an unnecessary layer of complication to PvE that in reality serves little to no purpose.

You can find the original quote from Isiah here and his second comment on the Mystic Forge here. I have also placed both quotes below.

They (Magic Find – Ed) only work on creature kills, chests however have a better table then normal kills. We wanted to avoid the game play of killing a boss and then having to equip your whole Magic Find set before opening the chest.

Also magic find is calculated from when the creature is killed so it’s also not viable to use your normal gear set kill a boss then switch to magic find.

It (Magic Find – Ed) does not work on the Mystic Forge, magic find only effects the loot generated from killing monsters. (this includes crafting materials, higher tiers of loot like rares & exotics… etc… )

Granted Zomoross is mighty and I’m sure he randomly gives more favor to those who are wearing a tin foil hat in real life and are spinning in their chair while clicking the forge button he is evil like that.

What are your thoughts on Magic Find?


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Submitted by Nyth_ on
Frankly... I'm happy. I really dislike magic find, as it encourages players to wear a full set for, what practically is, selfish benefits. I think having it work on only kills might (keyword) make it worthwhile for like grinding events in cursed shores or whatnot, there is enough killing power there anyway, so the increased loot might actually make the process a bit more worthwhile. All in all, I think it's good that magic find probably isn't worth it for dungeons and big boss events, or at least it's not mandatory as it might have been if chests were affected.