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Lost Shores Revealed

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November 2, 2012 - 3:50am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores

ArenaNet have revealed the first glimpse of the new content due to arrive in November, now known as Lost Shores.  With only three screenshots shown (it looks lovely) and the following facts: it will be located in the Sea of Sorrows and will be a one time event that will change Tyria forever with speculation rife as to what will happen and how it will come about.  If this content stirs anything in me, it’s the realisation that I need to cap my engineer as quickly as possible to experience the content with her. I’m a big believer in one time events as it creates stories people can tell others for years and rewards those who were there to see it.   While this might come at the expense for those late to the party or unable to attend, I think the trade-off is worth it.  With that in mind, what do you think will happen and more importantly, are you excited?

You can find the original link to the Lost Shores reveal, here.


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Submitted by chaosgyro on

I think it will have something to do with the Deep Sea Dragon.  I hope it will deal with something completely different.  Maybe a lead-in to stories about the krait and their strange obelisks, or a return to the Fire Island Chain or something.  As for how it will change the world forever?  I'm all atwitter. :P  I wonder if it changes things just by happening, or if there are different changes depending on whether we 'win' or 'lose'. (if such a thing is possible)