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The Lost Shores: Refer A Friend!

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November 8, 2012 - 6:46pm -- Xerin
Lost Shores

When “Refer a Friend” systems are implemented into MMOG’s, it tends to make me a little nervous.  Perhaps it’s the cynic in me, but it instantly shouts “We are losing players!” although in reality, it’s a system that’s sensible to have even if your game isn’t.  For those who have been waiting to purchase, this is exactly what they needed to road test Guild Wars 2.

In ArenaNet’s defence, the fact the “Refer a Friend” offer is only available for several days, during the Lost Shores event, suggests their population is absolutely fine and it’s simply an opportunity to entice as many as possible to experience this one time event.

You can see the full quote from Martin Kerstein below or here.

We want you to experience Guild Wars 2 and Lost Shores with your friends, so on Monday November 12, we will turn on Refer a Friend Free Trial. You will be able to invite up to 3 Friends to play Guild Wars 2 with you for free from November 15-18.

To do so, you need a Guild Wars 2 account in good standing that was created before 23:59 PST (7:59 GMT) on November 6.

We will give you more details once the program goes live, but start thinking about who you want to invite!


Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

It's a bit disheartening to me that Refer a Friend is in, but Guesting isn't.  Guesting has been a selling point for so long -- why isn't it implemented?  To be perfectly honest my guild isn't the place for all of my friends, but alliances still aren't in either.  No customizable chat channels, no easy way to play between servers, the financial impediment to something like the commander's compendium to allow us to use squads to do what alliances should -- social aspects in Guild Wars 2 are either non-existent or not as advertised.

I don't think the game is ready for Refer a Friend.  

zerstoren's picture
Submitted by zerstoren on

I've bought the guide and religiously read articles on this site.  Just haven't purchased the game yet.  For the few like myself, this is the perfect opportunity to check it out first!!

Now I just need a friend who plays.  hahaha.