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Living World Season Two Teaser

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June 24, 2014 - 9:00am -- Lee B.
Gates of Maguuma Teaser

The start of the second season of the Living World is slated to release in a week’s time and today ArenaNet has released a teaser video as to what is happening. This video hints to a lot of what is coming and is certainly exciting. View the video below and then scroll down to see what we have to say about this upcoming release.

The Zephyrites are in trouble and, of course, it is all on us to save who we can. Do you get a little bit of a vibe of trying to save “another” town? We don’t even have the time to really focus on Lion’s Arch before another huge crisis is on our lap and a large number of people are likely killed in this completely unexpected attack.

I have to say this is a completely unexpected direction than what I was anticipating when it came to the beginning of thestory of the second season. I figured we would be alerted to some issue and we would all gather up in a big party to head into the new area. I expected that we would be taking a cautious and slow approach rather than rushing completely into the unknown to help our friends. Most of all I wasn’t expecting us to even continue to think about the Zephyrites when this update hits.

Gates of Maguuma Braham

What we can assume from this video is two things. The first is that someone seemed to sabotage the airships of the Zephyrites right under all of our noses. The second is that somehow, from the sight of that red golem that Braham squares off with, the Inquest are involved. All of this will be happening somewhere beyond the “Gates of Maguuma”.

We don’t have much to work on with this video but I will say that I am excited. I wasn’t anticipating them to take another crisis approach so soon and I certainly wasn’t expecting more of an involved story with the Zephyrites. Maybe this will be the time we get to see some of these nomadic people, who have survived the attack, bring out their ability to and some knowledge of what they know about this area. We do need to keep in mind that it is just as likely that this group of people has been wiped out from this clear sabotage.

We will just have to see where the story leads us on the first. All these teasers are building us towards a big release and I hope the developers really are building up this hype appropriately this time. Most of all we need to keep our fingers crossed that this won’t be a second Southsun Cove.

Oh and my favorite part out of the teaser? Well. I think this picture does justice to explain:

Pig Talk

What do you guys think of the teaser? Have any thoughts of your own as to what is coming next? Let us know in the comment section below or shoot us a message on twitter at @CanadasMathlete or @TenTonHammer.