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Living World Season One Recap Video

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June 17, 2014 - 9:00am -- Lee B.
Living World Season One Recap Video

In case you missed the last season or want to remember everything we’ve seen the guys over at ArenaNet has just released this short video to highlight Scarlet’s actions. It’s short, sweet and does a good job of reminding us of what just might be around the corner. Check it out for yourselves.

The video does a good job of keep us all anticipating the next release as we just hit a bit over half way til the release of season two. We saw Scarlet’s plot come to a head, some of the trials we faced and even the death of that woman. A good video in its own right but does it do justice for what season one was? Does it really recap?

If I was going to recap I’d certainly display a video of us dying repeatedly in the Tower of Nightmares, all of us getting crushed to death by rolling karka or even a scene of us all falling huge heights with the zephyrites. I would love to see recap footage of all those fresh faces at PAX trying to take on the new Tequatl and getting destroyed. I remember these events fondly as the times we saw new and exciting new challenges we had to overcome.

Season One Recap

I’d also highlight all those group pictures made by fans in game as we stood and showed off our new gear, chatted with the devs as we all fought on the same map at the Queen’s Pavilion or even tried out Southsun Survival for the first time. Those would be great moments for us all to share again in a recap video and all worthwhile times to remember from season one. The video does justice in building a bit of hype to get us rolling into season two but I do these for the fond memories of what I’ve done with friends and what ArenaNet has proven to us what a game can do.

Now we are rolling into season two that hints to new zones, new enemies and most likely new faces. We will see all new plots and characters come to a forefront and build up just as much memories as season one has brought us. The guys at ArenaNet has had a year to practice their Living World model and now is the time to really show off what they can do with this feature. There is a lot of promise ahead of us in their recently announced Living World Journal that promises us a new way to interact with the Living World and the challenges we could face through them.

We are fifteen days away from the newest season and I hope I’m not the only one counting the days for the release. I’m eager to see where the alluded to new zone might lead us and I’m certainly eager to see what the dragon is going to get up to. There is also something to be said about all the new loot around the corner too.

What did you guys think about the first season and the video recap? Eager to see what is around the corner? Holding your excitement back til the next release? Let us know in the comments or at @TenTonHammer or @CanadasMathlete.