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The Living Soundtrack of Season Two

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June 30, 2014 - 9:00am -- Lee B.
The Living World Music

Today ArenaNet has released a video that previews some of the music they will be releasing for Season Two of the Living World. Trust us when we say that this music will send shivers up your spine. Jump in to listen.

ArenaNet released a video on their YouTube channel today called “The Living Soundtrack”. This video shows Maclaine Diemer, a Composer for ArenaNet, telling the story of the new music for the second season of the Living World. Check out the video below and get ready for those shivers for the all new music.

This music is haunting and beautiful. I’ve always been a sucker of orchestral music and if this is going to be something we’re getting the entire time we’re experiencing all the new content? Sign me up immediately.

ArenaNet knows how to make good music for Guild Wars 2. I honestly can’t think of a single song that I immediately disliked that they have released to date. Even the little silly little thirty second songs from Maklain the Minstrel have been a pleasure to listen to.

I think the only complaint I could have for the music of Guild Wars 2, til this point, is that I’ve heard every possible rendition of “Fear Not This Night” that I can stand. I love the song on its own but they have tied the music to almost every possible piece they can. If they leave that song alone and just go into an entirely new theme direction I think they could really show off some really great talent and music.

Living World Orchestra

What I am absolutely thrilled about is to the lengths they are willing to go for this musical direction.  Just let it sink in that they flew Mr. Diemer to Germany to work with a live orchestra to produce all new music. That shows that they really care so much about every detail of this game that they are willing to do this just for the sound track. ArenaNet knows that every piece matters for this story and they are pulling out some big guns for it. If they are pulling these kind of details for music it makes you wonder what we will see?

If you guys want to hear the past music of Guild Wars 2 you can head over to ArenaNet’s Soundcloud to get music that rolls all the way back to the first Wintersday. There you can hear the bit tunes of Super Adventure Box or some pieces that weren’t released in game like some Halloween poems read by the staff. It’s a good place to go when you want to get “Bash the Dragon” stuck in your head again. They will also likely release all of the new music to this Soundcloud so check back there often for all the newest music.

What do you guys think of the new music and this direction? Let us know in the comment section below or send us a message on Twitter at @CanadasMathlete or @TentonHammer.