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Guild Wars 2 Week on Ten Ton Hammer!

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June 30, 2014 - 1:01pm -- Lee B.
Guild Wars 2 Week on Ten Ton Hammer!

All through this week Ten Ton Hammer will be releasing articles, news, videos and even streaming Guild Wars 2 in celebration of the Living World. Come here to check what is going on each day and to get direct links to all the new Guild Wars 2 content!

Monday, June 30 - Scarlet is Dead! T-Shirt Giveaway!

Scarlet is Dead

All through the week anyone has the chance to participate in a giveaway for twenty "Scarlet is Dead" t-shirts. There are two ways to participate to get your own t-shirt. Click here to get right to the giveaway rules and details!

Tuesday, July 1 - Living World Season 2 Preview!

Gates of Maguuma - Prosperity

Ten Ton Hammer traveled to E3 and sat down with Chris Whiteside, Head of Design, and Steven Wallers, Living World Game Director, to discuss and preview Season Two of the Living World. They discuss the impact of Season One, what is happening with the Zephyrites and even discussing the all new zone: Dry Top. Click here to jump directly to the article!

Wednesday, July 2 - Season 2 Impressions

Gates of Maguuma Impressions

Editor-In-Chief Reuben Waters sat down to take a spoiler free look at Gates of Maguuma and the Dry Top in this recent article. Having played through it he shares his impressions and thoughts on this newest release. Check out the article here!