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Foostival 2014

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March 12, 2014 - 9:38pm -- Lee B.
Foostival 2014

Some of you might be asking right now,” What is Foostival?” Foostival is the player ran community event for players, in select countries, to come together to celebrate Guild Wars 2. They play the game, do giveaways, meet with developers and pretty much the whole nine yards of anything Guild Wars 2 related.

Last year Foostival took place in France through the dedication of nine French fansites. This year, on March 22nd, the excitement has spread to Germany and Romania through fifteen European fansites. They have even come together to put up a great trailer for this year’s festivities.

North America, unfortunately, will not be able to take part in the festivities this year but don’t let that hold you down! You can still see updates and pictures through and on their social medias. Some of you who can participate on European servers might even be able to squeeze in to the digital festivities!

Announcement on what server Foostival will be held on, and any other important announcements, will be on their website or through their social media. Check in often with them and enjoy!