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Flame and Frost: Prelude Announcement

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January 22, 2013 - 10:20am -- innuendo

Not a single week to spare, ArenaNet this morning announced the details for the January patch to Guild Wars 2. As was previously hinted, this update will not be a major update, but is laying the ground work for some of the future content plans they have coming. Head past the break for a full run down.

Temple of Silent Storms Week

It looks like the one team vs one team tournaments are a limited time only affair in sPvP. The week of Silent Storms only tournaments is going to run from Jan 28th through Feb 4th. It looks like these will replace regular paid tournaments during that time as well. Seems like a good call as Temple is arguably the strongest sPvP map in the game.

Revamped Achievement Systems, New Reward Laurels

We can confirm now the new achievement system begins with this update. As well as the new, improved daily reward system, achievements will not be rewarding laurels. Laurels are a new collectible currency (no bag space!) that players can trade for gear and rewards. This system should remove a lot of the ascended gear issues since it was also revealed that 30 new Ascended amulets would be purchasable with laurels.

Guesting Added

Reconfirming the confirmation, guesting begins on the 28th. This also marks the end of paid transfers, so make sure you find your home world to be before this patch hits. After that time you will have to pay gems to swap worlds. The price will be based on the population of the destination server.

Everything Else

Last but certainly not least we got word that this update will also include improvements to WvW and progression systems. Side kicking balancing is being tweaked as well as some UI improvements. No details yet, so stay tuned and we'll be sure to get them to you as soon as the patch notes hit in full.

Oh, and I would be remiss to not mention there will be a quaggan backpack on every player in the game from now until eternity. Yes, Guaggan backpacks are coming to the "revamped" gem store. ArenaNet is now free to print money.

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