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The end of Paid Tournaments Announced

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February 25, 2013 - 8:23pm -- innuendo

A quick blog post by ArenaNet has detailed what are sure to be some huge changes to the sPvP landscape come tomorrow's patch. With the introduction of tiered matchmaking, ArenaNet has seen fit to remove the ticket system from the game completely and make all tournaments free.

My intuition tells me this is in response to declining participation in paid tournaments. But the optimistic side of me is absolutely thrilled they removed a huge barrier to entry for new sPvP players getting into tournaments. As long as the new ranking system does what it sets out to do, we may finally see the kernel of a competative scene start to emerge.

Here's hoping the ship hasn't sailed on esport quality pvp in Guild Wars 2. Hit the source below.

Source: Big Changes to PvP: Paid Tournaments Replaced by Free Tournaments