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Developer Discussion with Colin Johanson

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November 2, 2012 - 6:10am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 had a live stream chat with Colin Johanson yesterday to discuss up and coming changes to Guild Wars 2.  If you’re keen to watch the whole interview, you can find the preview here.  For those of you who prefer to get straight to the facts, I’ve listed the main points below for your reading pleasure.

Structured PvP

  • There is a new sPvP map that is due to enter Beta phase.  As with Raid on the Capricorn, if enough people like it, it will eventually make it into the tournament line-up.
  • ArenaNet are currently working on greater incentives for sPvP besides pure cosmetics as well as other mandatory elements (this must be aimed at spectator modes and leader boards – Ed)
  • Contrary to the original team break-down blog post, ArenaNet do have an entire team dedicated to producing sPvP content.


  • There will be “Wintersday” in December.
  • As just mentioned in our news post, November will bring Lost Shores to Guild Wars 2 in a one time world event.
  • Included in the new map will be a dungeon that scales in difficulty the further you progress.
  • As you might predict, there will be a whole host of new rewards available on the Lost Shores.
  • The new island is not an entire map (medium/small in size) but will play out an entire storyline.  The dungeon (as mentioned above) is intended to expand upon the end-game.
  • Dungeon rewards (for existing dungeons also) are currently being worked on including making dungeons more fun in general.


  • ArenaNet are still holding their promise that at some point in the future they will work on implementing Guild Halls.
  • Housing isn’t currently in development but is something they think is fun.


  • The next balance patch will be arriving at some point in the middle of November.
  • As with any balance issues, they are constantly evaluating all areas of the game (this includes sPvP, PvE and WvW).
  • ArenaNet are ensuring they improve on their public messages to ensure they keep players informed of events and changes.
  • Next years Halloween may only use a small amount of the content we’ve seen this year as a basis to build on.
  • Recurring stories in future updates may span over many months.
  • ArenaNet are considering legendary armour and a better “looking for group” system.


Haelyn's picture
Submitted by Haelyn on

I wonder how the new maps/zones will affect exploration tracking?

I already have my 100% world completion, and am wondering if the addition of new zones lead to a new exploration/completion tracker for those with 100%, or something different altogether.