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Combat Mode 2.0 Preview

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March 12, 2013 - 4:17am -- Xerin

If you ever saw the original Combat Mode mod for Guild Wars 2, I’d describe it as a tool that allows you to play the game similarly to Tera. Instead of having to hold the right mouse button down constantly the mod did it automatically, providing a reticule in the centre of the screen to act as your aim. The frustrating thing about the Combat Mode was the fact it put Guild Wars 2’s default combat system to shame and should have been adopted by ArenaNet instantly, as an alternative option for those who wanted it.

Unfortunately ArenaNet deemed the Combat Mode mod advantageous (one can only presume it to be advantageous because it is flat out better than the default system) and threatened users with bans if caught. This didn’t put off droves of players using it with the likelihood of being banned absolutely miniscule (I don’t know of a single person).

On the back of its success, PvPProject (as he is known) has been working on an updated version, bringing us to Combat Mode 2.0. While it isn’t quite ready for release and he readily admits that it uses game altering files that could see players banned, his first screenshots look incredibly promising, even if the new user interface and skill icons are a little garish.

You can find an original video for Combat Mode mod here, and screenshots of Combat Mode 2.0 here. Lastly, there’s a great discussion about it over on Reddit.


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ArenaNet deemed the original Combat Mode as "advantageous"?

I guess their support's "official" response wasn't that "official" after-all.