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Breakout the WvW Changes

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December 10, 2012 - 11:42pm -- innuendo
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet programmer Habib Loew took the the official forums to update Tyrians on some of the work the team has been doing to improve World vs World. The list of changes was short, but it should have a profound impact on the gameplay. And seeing the systemic changes to WvW start to roll out with each patch has me absolutely glowing with excitement.

The most interesting addition to the battlefield will be Breakout Events. These are events that trigger anytime a server has lost control of all points on a map (supply camps don’t count for this). The event spawns a powered up NPC commander that leads a siege on the closest tower to that server’s spawn point on the map. This is a great addition to help teams get out of their spawn a bit and should help alleviate some of the spawn camping we see in the game now.

There is some risk for abuse with this system. Since a savvy server could leave you with one Tower to your name on the far side of the map. They would be giving up 5 points a tick, but they would avoid the Breakout Event and still get to spawn camp all they want. It seems these events may need to become more common than the proposed system allows. Making them trigger anytime your server controls 2 or less locations for 30 consecutive minutes for example.

The good news is now that we know there is a common sense system in place to help a down team they can easily expand on the system to make it easier to trigger. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that this isn’t some silly stat boost system. I talked about my loathing of “forced balance” by making a poorly performing or outnumbered team have stat boosts to compensate This is much more interesting, and it stays within the scope of the battle without flatly rewarding the losing team with some gift. Depending upon how hard it is to defend against these breakout events, this could give the winning servers something interesting to do (instead of spawn camping) by trying to defend against a Breakout event. All around I love this change though, a great solution to a difficult problem.

Other changes are more minor and common sense. One is to make players who Alt+f4 out of the client while in WvW die and award Exp and loot to any player who was fighting them. This is the most direct way to prevent some of the abuses going on. The other is to broken walls and gates. Now it requires 10% wall health to restore the wall. This will prevent what was a pretty common sight of the “flashing wall” where a wall would constantly flash in and out since it was so easy to spend 1 supply and bring it back up. This should prevent cheesey stalling by defending teams.

And lastly, and possibly the most sweetest, is that ArenaNet is committing to advanced updates for all future WvW builds. This means no more finding out the day of the reset what is new. And more news sooner about what is coming to the game is always welcome in my book.

Link to the Post: Coming Soon To WvW