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The Battle for Lion's Arch is Coming!

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February 25, 2014 - 12:13pm -- Lee B.
The Battle for Lion's Arch

The Drill

Today, ArenaNet released a teaser video for the upcoming “Battle for Lion’s Arch”. The video shows the continued assault of Scarlet’s Alliances and her deadly Clockwork Abominations. Central to her attack has been the massive drill which has been going since the last update. The end of the video calls for players to gather up and take back Lion’s Arch.

This is the final update for the Season One Living World story. Will it live up to the hype we have all been hearing about it? Will this live up to the epic finale of bloodshed and loss? Will we finally kill Scarlet?

This update is slated to launch March 4 with all the hopes of a great finale behind it.