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Dervish Armour

March 24, 2012 - 12:38pm -- Mogrim

So, picked up GW1 again, and venturing into EotN noobishly... but Im soo damn squishy! My armour set has armour 50 or 55.. and I figure that cant be right... where can I get me some decent armour for my poor dervish?

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Submitted by Haelyn on

There is an armour vendor in the Boreal Station that sells what is the most basic set of max level armour.

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Submitted by Mogrim on

ok, so Im looking for higher grade armour and weapons.. as I understand, yellow is very rare, so thats what Im shooting for.

Running Cathedral of flames now, and sheesh... getting usable loot is not favourable with running instances... and tips for me?

Is it worth running such instances.. grinding slowly through while getting one shotted?

Looking for a mature relaxed and fun guild with vent or TS

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Submitted by Haelyn on

Armour becomes pretty generic (excluding appearance) after a while and it is more about the runes/insignias that you have on them.  The same could almost be said about weapons.

The skill/ability builds of you, and your heroes, are going to be what makes game play a lot easier.

PvX Wiki is your best tool for that.