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Eredon Terrace - The Alchemists [ALCH] recruiting

October 21, 2012 - 3:12am -- zeromius

The Alchemists are a group of casual friendly gamers from all over the world. We have set weekly events throughout the week/weekend to cater to all different types of play style. We have PvE runs (dungeons,world boss killing,karma farming) to WvW runs so whatever you enjoy in Guild Wars 2 you can enjoy it with The Alchemists! We currently have a vent server AND a facebook page to pass along important guild news/events to all our members. If this sounds like your kind of guild and are interested in joining we reside on the Eredon Terrace server, and to get a hold of a advisor or leader please goto our facebook page and write on our wall a advisor or leader will get back to you ASAP