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Assured Mutual Destruction [ICBM] - IoJ - PvE - WvW

December 29, 2012 - 9:53pm -- Leohan

Assured Mutual Destruction – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (AMD-ICBM)
We welcome anyone into our ranks who share the love of playing and talking about video games. We believe in fair play, equal opportunity and helping each other achieve our goals. A community of gamers, friends and family is what we  continuously strive to be, maintained with care since 2007.mily is what we continuously strive to be, maintained with care since 2007.

    Guild Wars 2

   We have been a guild within the game since the first beta weekend event, April 2012. Our community is strong and dedicated to the server world we play on. We have been on Isle of Janthir since April and have no plans to go anywhere; we are not a guild that server hops and leaves its members in the dust.

Our humble community is simply looking for some new friends to play with. Keeping things fun and active is what we want to maintain within the game. Opening up the recruitment doors for the first time, since September is one way of doing this. Our guild members are helpful and teach each other about the game; by having conversations, we can learn from what others have experienced. We have members with a wide range of progression throughout the game, ranging from those just starting out to others with multiple level 80 characters and world completion.

Here's the bullet points of what we do, have to offer, requirements and contact information.



    US Worlds – Isle of Janthir

    Daily Game Play Style

  • PvE: Achievements Daily/ Monthly, Crafting/ Gathering/ Salvaging, Bosses & Dragons, Dungeons, Jumping Puzzles, Map Completion (Renown Hearts – Waypoints – Points of Interest – Skill challenges – Vistas), Meta Events, Personal Storyline
  • PvP: Achievements Daily/ Montlhy, World vs World

    Weekly/ Monthly Guild Events

  •  PvE: Dungeons, Exploring/ Map Completion, Farming, Guild Missions,  Jumping Puzzles, Meta Events, Personal Storyline, Power Leveling (Karma), Scavenger Hunt
  • Elite Area:  Fractals of the Mists
  • PvP: Structured Player vs Player (sPvP) , Tournaments, World vs World


What [ICBM] Has & Offers

1. Leadership with more than 5 years experience running a guild in Guild Wars and since beta within Guild Wars 2.

2. 40 plus active guild members with 60 total, average 10-20 online concurrently, with 90% choosing to represent at all times.

3. Guild website with a private forum & news section updated daily.

4. Community VoIP Servers (voice chat), Team Speak 3.

5. North American based community, who welcome people from all over the world, as play times vary.

6. Daily guild events that cover all aspects of PvE  during the week. A advanced calendar system on the website to easily keep track of these events. Able to comment, subscribe and has multiple different viewing options.

7. A Guild bank, with a system in place for convenient deposit and withdraws. With discount perks given to members, why pay the Black Lion tax, when you can earn interest back with ICBM.

8. Group of people who are willing to play, teach, learn and just have fun.

9. A community infrastructure that allows you to be a part of something more than just a game. We have a system in place that allows people to contribute to the community and be recognized for said contributions.


What We Are Looking For?
If one of the following apply to you, then you may just fit right in.

1. Want to be part of a community not just a guild drone. We will never force you to farm or join in on anything you don’t want to.

2. Are actively working towards achieving your in game-goals but would sometimes like support from a friend or party.

3. Are willing to not only learn, but teach and help others when you can.

4. Log in monthly, weekly or everyday, does not matter as long as you enjoy playing the game.


What Are The Requirements?

 1. Guild Rules
Follow the guild rules & members conduct.

2. Website: Must Make an Account First.
To join a guild as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), you must first join the community of Assured Mutual Destruction (AMD) by having an account by means of the website “”.

3. Voice Chat
To participate in certain Guild Events and Elite Areas you will need to sometimes use Team Speak (voice chat). You do not need to talk but the willingness to listen to others will help the entire group complete the intended goal.


How to Join a Guild?

    1. Log into the website (

    2. Go to and fill out the "Join a Guild" form, choose any guilds from within the games we support.

    3. Please allow 1-2 days for your game account to be processed by an administrator.


Contact Information

    1. If you would like to give our community a try, you can make an account on our website at

    2. If you wish to apply to become a rostered guild member, please use the contact form “Join a Guild”, you can do so by clicking here

    3. If you have any questions feel free to Private Message me on this site/forum or through the Contact Us form on our site by clicking here


Leohan's picture
Submitted by Leohan on

Being apart of this community as brought me many friends, if it wasn’t for the people who I talk to, help me, and overall just find ways to have fun, in a game that can get very tedious and repetitive if you don’t switch up things you are doing.

I have been with this community for 5 years and this guild for 6 months (beta weekends) within Guild Wars 2 . Even though I am the guild leader, I choose to be so. For the very fact that this community as been a positive presence in my life.

We are always changing and evolving to improve things, but the core principles which as kept the community strong for so many years remains.