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WvW Stats and Bonuses Guide

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July 29, 2012 - 9:29pm -- Sardu
WvW Stats and Bonuses Guide

In this guide we break down the World vs. World (WvW) Stats and Bonuses window and explain what each section means for new players, or those who may not actively participate in WvW but are still interested in understanding how well their home world is doing. While many aspects of the WvW scoreboard are fairly easy to understand, being able to tell at-a-glance what the details mean can give you a deeper understanding of the overall WvW system.

We've broken down the Stats and Bonuses window into 6 distinct parts, followed by a detailed section for each, along with explanations for some of the less obvious icons or naming conventions.

Accessing the WvW Scoreboard [B]

To begin with, you can access the WvW scoreboard in-game at any time by pressing the [B] key, with a couple of notable exceptions:

  1. While in structured PvP, the [B] key will instead display the scoreboard for your current sPvP match
  2. At present, if you are in an overflow zone in PvE, you will not be able to view the WvW scoreboard for your homeworld. Traveling to a new zone or major city via waypoints can serve as a temporary workaround until this issue is addressed by the developers.

With consideration to the above, the default scoreboard view can be seen below:

GW2 WvW Scoreboard Overview

Let's take a more detailed look at each of these sections.

1. Quick Travel and Point Tally Countdown

Depending on where you are in the world when opening the WvW Stats and Bonuses window, this bar will present you with one of two unique displays:

  • PvE Zones - The default display from PvE zones (shown below) is a clickable area that will allow you to fast travel to any of the four individual WvW maps (Eternal Battlegrounds + the Borderlands for each of the three participating worlds)

WvW Quick Travel Bar

Please note: It is entirely possible that one or more of the WvW maps will be at maximum player capacity for your world when you attempt to quick travel from the PvE zones via the Stats and Bonuses window. A small window will appear on screen to inform you if this is the case as shown below:

WvW Queue Confirmation

  • WvW Zones - Once you've traveled to one of the four WvW maps, this bar will present you with a new display as shown below. This countdown monitor will inform you how much time is remaining until the next point tally which is impacted by, and can impact most other parts of the Stats and Bonuses window display as described in the following sections for each.

WvW Point Tally Countdown

2. Current World Scores

The next section, shown below, displays the cumulative scores for the three participating home worlds for the current tournament period. This number will change over time at set intervals each time the point tally countdown reaches zero.

WvW Current World Scores

As seen here, the three competing worlds are represented by a specific color, each with a corresponding Borderland zone. Your own home world will be distinguished by a small building icon, as shown next to Sorrow's Furnace in the example image used above.

Knowing which world is represented by which color can be critical, as it will let you know exactly which world is in control of various structures when viewing the map. Enemy players from each world will also have a generic nameplate based on their home world color. In our example here as a player on Sorrow's Furnace, Jade Quarry players would appear in-game as "Green Defender" while players from the Maguuma home world would appear as "Blue Defender".

3. World Bonuses

As each WvW match or tournament period progresses, your home world will be able to unlock a number of temporary bonuses for all players on your world as shown below:

WvW Current World Bonuses

Descriptions for each of these bonuses are as follows:


2% increased chance of crafting critical success


1% Endurance bonus


1% Bonus coin per kill


Maximum health increased by 1%


2% chance of additional gathering node uses


1% increased defense against monsters


1% bonus experience per kill


Healing effectiveness increased by 1%

Please note that each of the percentages listed above are per tier unlocked for a given bonus. For example, in the World Bonuses image above, the second tier of Artisan had already been earned, giving PvE and WvW players on that world a +4% increase to crafting critical success.

4. Points Needed for Next Bonus

As your world continues earning points in WvW, you will be able to unlock one or more tiers of the bonuses listed above. Located directly beneath the current bonuses for your world, you will see a progress bar indicating how many points are needed to unlock the next bonus as shown below:

WvW Pending World Bonus

In this example, you can see that the Next Bonus that can be unlocked for PvE and WvW players is +2% Energetic which is the second tier for that particular bonus. Please note that this bonus is not additive, but rather the cumulative percent bonus you stand to gain by completing the current progress goal.

5. Territory Control Ratio At-a-Glance

The pie chart shown below offers a basic view of the ratio of territory each of the three home worlds currently controls. For the most part, this is simply a more graphical display of the totals shown in the next section of the Stats and Bonuses window.

WvW Territory Control Pie Chart

6. Contested Areas Controlled Per World

The sixth and final section of the WvW Stats and Bonuses window we'll be looking at displays the current Contested Areas controlled by each world, as well as how many points each world stands to gain at the end of the next point tally countdown.

WvW Contested Areas

As you can see in the image above, there are four distinct control point types tracked. From left to right, these are:

  • Resource Camps - worth 5 points each every 5 minutes controlled
  • Towers - worth 10 points each every 5 minuts controlled
  • Keeps - worth 25 points each every 5 minutes controlled
  • Stonemist Castle - worth 50 points every 5 minutes controlled

The point values listed provide a good indication of the relative difficulty (or number of players needed) to successfully capture and control each type. For example, resource camps are worth the least points, but also take far fewer players to successfully capture than a tower or keep. At the end of the point tally countdown, the points your world will earn will be based directly on your areas controlled.


Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

I found a typo! When you explain what each bonus does, artisan says 2% increase instead of 4%.

Nicely written, by the way smiley

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Submitted by Lewis B on

Crikey, you guys don't miss anything ;) Fixed! :D

[edit] Doh! 

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Submitted by Wedge7 on

It should be 2% though, shouldn't it? Like Sardu wrote:

"Please note that each of the percentages listed above are per tier unlocked for a given bonus. For example, in the World Bonuses image above, the second tier of Artisan had already been earned, giving PvE and WvW players on that world a +4% increase to crafting critical success."

Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

My bad, thought it had been a copy paste error from the image above.

That also explains why the numbers were there in the first place. When I read it I was like "Wait, I just saw these numbers, didn't I? Yup, identical.. No wait, this one's wrong" blush

EDIT: Now I read stuff here even more carefully, and realize that was explained right below it. That's what I get for only reading parts of it. I even failed to notice Wedge7's comment quoting that part just a few comments ago. 

I can't event think of a good excuse now, but don't worry, I'll come up with something eventually cheeky

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Nice article, thank you. 

I haven't done a great deal of WvW (a few hours at most), but it's highly enjoyable. I like the fact that the Stats and Bonuses window is cleanly laid out and simple to understand, providing all you need to know in one quick glance. 

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Submitted by Blackmyst on

Great article.

sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

Thanks for the detail on the contested areas.  With the massive cues last BWE do you all think A-Net will increase the number of servers or adjust WvW cap?  My friends and I actually spent most of the weekend on overflow playing PvE content, and we were on a traditionally low cap server.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

Outside of people who select one of the worlds where the massive WvW alliances are playing I suspect that queues for those zones will be a regular thing at first, but get better a couple of weeks after launch once a bit of the shiny newness wears off.

Alliance worlds are another story though, since the entire point of the alliances is to help insure that full guilds populate WvW 24/7, which is kind of a double edged sword. Aka playing on those worlds means you'll have a good chance of high bonuses most of the time, but at the cost of causal players not getting into the zones unless the player caps for WvW see a sizable increase.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the alliances that are forming specifically for WvW, but also see the potential for them to cause as much harm as good to the non-alliance players on the same home worlds. If it were up to me, alliances would have to register and be listed on the world selection screen at character creation just so that people know what they may be getting into by rolling there.

sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

Haelyn and I were talking about this last night.  I like that WvW will be competitive and constant on the alliance servers, but I think we will avoid going to those servers in order to assure WvW time.  I am more of a casual WvW participant.

I'd love to see registration, but with a little digging you can usually find what server certain large guilds are going to.

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Submitted by Cronck on

I was on Jade Quarry! Woot, go team.

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