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WvW Spring Tournament Meta-Achievement Guide for Procrastinators

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May 26, 2014 - 11:34pm -- Lee B.
WvW Spring Tournament Meta-Achievement Guide for Procrastinators

There isn’t much time left to get the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 Veteran meta-achievement so this guide focuses on getting this done as quickly as possible. The focus here will be solely on doing all the content within Edge of the Mists and for ten achievements alone so you can get it done fast. Spending every day in the Mists, for about an hour, should get you all of these achievements to net you that title and Tournament Tickets.

Big Spender

Liquid World Experience

Big Spender requires you to spend 250 Badges of Honor. This is the easiest achievement and works well with another achievement here. Head into Edge of the Mists and to speak with a Laurel Merchant once you have fifty Badges of Honor and ten laurels. Purchase five Tastes of Liquid World Experience from this merchant and drink them immediately.

If you don’t have enough Laurels, but all the Badges of Honor, head over to the Siege Master and hit the Blueprints (Badge) tab. Purchase yourself forty two Flame Ram Blueprints (the most useful blueprint) and be done with this achievement. If you don’t need the blueprints go ahead and sell them on the trading post or set them in your guild stash for future WvW games.

World Ranker

If you managed to purchase those five Tastes of Liquid World Experience from Big Spender then you are already ahead on this achievement. You need forty World Ranks and those Tastes will give you about a level each. The other thirty five levels will come quickly as you just play through the Mists and run around with a commander to get tasks done.

From here the achievements are simple and merely require you to play through Edge of the Mists behind a commander leading a decent zerg. Your focus is on The Keep Is the Thing, No Tower Too High, Well Aren’t You Special, Reactor Robber and Sentry Capturer Extraordinaire. This means you will need to capture fifteen keeps, forty towers, forty special objectives, fifty five reactors and ninety five sentry points. This will undoubtedly pit you up against enemy zergs and guards so that you can get Guard Slayer, Mists Invasion Defender and Advanced Mists Invasion Defender at the same time.

Some alternative achievements to get, if Friday is rolling around and you aren’t quite there yet but need a fast achievement, is to get Obsidian Leaper in the Mists and Shinies in the Sky. These two achievements require you to go through two the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle and one of the Borderlands jumping puzzles and successfully complete them.

Ruins of the Mists

Another achievement to consider is Master of Ruins which requires you to capture the ruins in the Borderlands maps. This achievement is fast due to how the ruins naturally turn over to a neutral state, for quick recaptures. The problem is that you will likely see some enemies and have to fight them by yourself or you will be competing with people from your server for the captures.

It may seem like an intimidating list but I assure you that this can be done quickly if you dedicate yourself to it for the rest of this week with focus. The reward is worthwhile for everyone to either get an exclusive skin or to begin working on one. Get to work on it now and by Friday you will have your meta-achievement and the reward in your back pocket.