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Legacy of the Foefire Guide

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August 14, 2012 - 2:11pm -- Lewis B
Legacy of the Foefire


Legacy of the Foefire (or Foefire as it is known) is a structured PvP map reminiscent of Guild Wars 1’s Guild versus Guild matches, with the exception that guild lords and their guards have become the secondary mechanic rather than the primary.  Like all the other sPvP maps, Foefire is a conquest map with three capture points. The first team to 500 points is the winner while defeating the Lord provides an instant boost of 100 points.

The three capture points are Waterfall to the north of the map, Sanctum in the centre and Quarry to the south.  The Blue team respawn in the northeast of the map and the Red team the southwest corners, with each team having to work their way out of their base to reach the capture points.

Legacy of the Foefire Map


As briefly mentioned above, each team has a guild lord housed within their base. For the enemy to reach your lord, they need to destroy your bases gate which cannot be repaired once breached. Your lord is also surrounded by a total of 4 guards; two casters and two soldiers.  For the most part, the guards are incredibly weak and can easily be soloed if you pull them on at a time. However, because you are fighting in the opposing team’s base it’s highly likely you’ll quickly encounter resistance.  It should also be noted that the moment you begin attacking the enemy base, they receive a warning message stating “Your base is under attack!”.

For the most part, Foefire is a wide open and expansive map that provides great opportunities for ranged, vertical play.  Unlike Battle of Khylo which is confined or Forest of Niflhel which only has several wide open spaces, this map can be difficult for professions that only take melee weapons. 

Sanctum at the centre of the map is arguably the most important point as it allows you to easily reach the other two with very little travel time. The height advantage surrounding Sanctum also makes defending the central point difficult if you don’t equip a ranged weapon. From experience, if you control Sanctum you control the map.

Foefire Do and Dont’s

In this section we’ve provided a list of what you should and shouldn’t do during the course of Foefire match.  This list is not exhaustive and if you have any suggestions of your own, do share it by leaving a comment below.

Do Plan Ahead

This includes your choice of weapons, skills, routes around the map and your role.  Do you want to focus just on attacking the guild lord? Are you just going to capture points? Are you going to roam, killing off the opponent's players who are just capturing points? Are you taking a mixed role?

All of these require adaptation.  If you are just attacking the guild lord you’ll need to make sure you can take the gate down quickly with high direct damage skills.  Taking a skill that grants haste, such as a mesmers time warp, is great for quickly gaining access. If you are protecting Sanctum, defensive skills can be incredibly useful or traits that help revive your team mates quickly. As it tends to be the busiest capture point, you are gaurenteed to encounter lots of the enemy and will likely need to revive your team mates often.  

Don’t Always Stay Together 

You might feel secure in a large group, but organized teams will easily work around you, snapping up capture points as your large group struggles to keep up.  Or worse, steal your guild lord from under your nose.  It is a much more effective tactic to actually split up.  A common approach is to send 4 players to Sanctum and 1 to the Quarry or Waterfall dependent on your team colour.  If you encounter resistance at either the Quarry or Waterfall you can always fall back to your base or stall the opposition until your team has secured the central capture point; they can then come and assist you.   Staying together as a group of 5 is guaranteed to see you lose, so don’t be afraid to pair up or play solo.

Do Secure Sanctum

Legacy of the Foefire Sanctum

Sanctum is the central control point and has two staircases leading from it that take you straight to the Quarry or the Waterfall.  Controlling Sanctum gives you a clear advantage over the opposing team as you can quickly reach the other control points if you team mates are in trouble.  Securing it won’t be easy as it can be assaulted from all directions while holding it can be even harder.  Although you will lose players in the process, sending 4 of your team to it (or 5 if you are willing to retake your nearest control point afterwards) is a viable tactic.  However, be prepared to revive your team mates quickly and stomp your foes to really gain an upper hand.

Don’t Ignore Your Guild Lord

As annoying as the message “Your base is underattack!” is, it is always worth sending one member of your team back to your base to make sure it is ok.  Losing your guild lord will see the opposing team secure 100 points, which is a significant number.  Your base door can also be killed quickly and the guards are little defence if left unaided.  Choosing a profession that has access to swiftness will allow them to quickly run back and let you know whether the area is safe.  It’s a good tactic to have the person defending your nearest point (Quarry or Waterfall) also keep an eye on your base, as they are only a stones throw away.

Do Test Their Defences

It’s an effective tactic to attack the opposing team’s base even if you have no intention of entering or killing the guild lord.  If you are a profession that can cloak or quickly run away, attacking the base will allow you to peel a member of the enemy team away from what they were doing, to make sure their base is secure. Attacking the base door until someone appears will aid your other team mates, knowing that one of the opposing team is now occupied.  If you are confident in 1 on 1 situations, killing the scout will also set the opposing team back, allow you to finish destroying the gate and then move back to the capture points.

Don’t Camp The Waterfall or Quarry.

Legacy of the Foefire Waterfall

Unlike in Niflhel or Khylo, there really is no need to camp the other two capture points in Foefire.  As both of these capture points lead to the raised area above Sanctum, you can actually stand above the central control point and still see either the Waterfall or Quarry behind you.  This tactic allows you to keep an eye on two capture points at once so you’ll quickly be able to see those approaching Sanctum or your nearest control point.  At this stage you can then call for help or take them head on. Ranged players really excel here as you can bombard those attacking Sanctum from your vantage point while keeping an eye on the control point you’re defending (Quarry/Waterfall).

Do Communicate

Talk to your team before the match starts and let them know what you plan on doing and let them know through the course of the match if it changes.  Don’t be afraid to call tactics and ask for someone to help you at a control point or attacking your base.  Lack of communication will see your team struggle against those that are more organised, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

Don’t Always Fight

Knowing when to pick your fights is the sign of a player being aware of the wider picture.  Jumping into a fight when you know you will lose will only provide the opposing team with easy points and hinder your team, as you are forced to re-spawn.  Turning away from combat and heading in the opposite direction to another control point will stretch the opposing team and provide you with valuable points. 

Do Be Wary of Sanctum

The fighting for Sanctum can be fierce and it’s incredibly tempting to keep running back to it in order to get stuck into the fight.  If you know you are already losing the point, there is little value in keep returning there as it’s likely that unless you’ve secured an organised push, you’ll simply be killed again.  Not only will this provide the opposing team an easy five points but will send you back to your base awaiting a respawn.  If you can see that players are already fighting at Sanctum and your team is clearly losing, change direction and head to another point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore Their Guild Lord

As tempting as 100 points is for killing the opposing teams guild lord, if you control Sanctum (and at least one other point) it is highly likely that you can comfortably win the map without ever needing to set foot in the enemies base.  I’ve taken part in dozens upon dozens of matches in Foefire and never once have we even killed the guild lord and yet have won by hundreds of points.  Effective use of control points is still the most consistent way to win the match.

Do Remember Capture Points

This might sound obvious and it’s certainly fun just killing the opposing team, but the easiest way to secure points and quickly is to secure capture points!  It might be less exciting waiting for a capture point to come under your team’s control, rather than hitting someone in the face with a greatsword, but your team will see the benefits.  Getting sucked into repetitive fights that serve no purpose is a primary reason as to why many teams lose.  I’ve lost count at the amount of times we’ve managed to fight off wave after wave of enemy players who keep attacking a single group of players without ever making a tactical change. Score lines of 500 – 50 reflect that sort of behaviour.    

Don’t Standstill

This tactic applies to all sPvP maps but can never be said enough. Even if you decide your build is best suited to defending capture points, arguably you will be doing a disservice to your team by just staying in one place.  If you really don’t want to stray too far from one particular control point, try to break the map down.  Covering an area, from Quarry to Sanctum or Waterfall to Sanctum to Windmill or will be much more effective. In addition, it is always worth taking traits or skills that provide swiftness and vigor.  Being able to quickly travel the map and avoid damage through constant dodging when you are on the defensive will make your teams job a whole lot easier.

In tomorrows guide, we'll be covering Battle of Khylo and covering a whole host of Do's and Don'ts, so stay tuned!

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sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

Nice summary.  I plead guilty to hitting the guild lords door and sprinting off.  When your team is behind and or losing at sanctum it can relieve pressure.  I've yet to play with an organized team on vent or otherwise, so I am always pugging it.

There have been times when I've taken the door and soloed most of the guards before being attacked however, which has been beneficial even when I failed on the guild Lord, because it gave my team and I an easy shot at the guild lord later.

As red, I typically dash for waterfall, take it and run for the other teams guild door for a quick "knock-knock" and then move on to center.  If no one is around and I've taken the door down a bit I usually stay with it until the door is down for reasons stated above.

My ranger build works great on this map: Axe/Warhorn/Shortbow with earth sigil, hydromancy sigil, and energy sigil and one utility dedicated to AE control for slowing people down.  I take the spirit elite for the group rez and condition cleanse.  My 6 runes of Lyssa give me removal of all conditions and getting all boons when using an elite.  Popping my elite at sanctum has turned the tide at sanctum every time I've used it.

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Submitted by oneeyered on

Good info. Lewis, thanks.

Its a simple world for complicated people