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Dragon Ball Guide

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June 10, 2013 - 9:06am -- Xerin

In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about Guild Wars 2's latest PvP addition. Unfortunately Dragon Ball isn't a permanent feature and will only be in the game until the end of Dragon Bash; make the most of it now.


Dragon Ball is a super-fast paced death match experience that pits 5 versus 5 against one another in a small arena. The aim as with all death match scenarios is to kill the opposing players to score points for your teams. You should be aware that Dragon Ball plays significantly quicker than other structured PvP games as all players have received a speed boost, while you suffer no damage from falling. Finally, all players only have 100 health.


There are two primary mechanics in Dragon Ball. The first is jump pads, the second is health and skill orbs. 


Littering the entire map are a series of launchers or jump pads. Some have the appearance of cogs and others have the appearance of a "button". What you need to remember is that the launchers themselves provide directional movement based on your intended trajectory. If you want to get an added speed boost over jump pads, make sure you dodge roll just before you hit them. This is a great secret ArenaNet let us in on during our play test.

Health Orbs and Dragon Ball Power-Up's

At various locations on the map are a selection of health orbs. Blue in colour and differing in size, the larger the orb the more health they provide. When it comes to physical skills and unlike structured PvP matches, you only begin with 1. Over the course of the match you need to collect power-ups to unlock the additional 4. Power-ups appear just like orbs, but are orange in colour. What you should remember is that the power-ups always spawn in the same locations, so if you're smart, you should head to your favourite spots to pick them up as soon as possible. 

1. Throw Dragon Sphere - the default attack for all players. It deals moderate damage and will track your targets.  

2. Dragon Bomb - An area of effect skill that deals massive damage but can be difficult to land due to the speed of other players.

3. Icy Dragon Trap - Place an Icy Dragon Trap which chills foes for 15 seconds. The size of this trap is equal to that of rangers traps in PvE.

4. Dragon Kick - Do a flying kick at your target, dazing them and dealing 15 points of damage. 

5. Dragon Stomp - The final skill and most powerful is a shield that creates a whirlwind around you that reflects Dragon Balls. 


If I can recommend anything in Dragon Ball, it is to keep moving as often as possible while using the tunnels to escape your foes. With only 100 health you can die incredibly quickly. Due to this, it's absolutely key that you secure a Dragon Stomp as quickly as possible. Not only will this shield you, but has huge potential for killing others as they attack you. Second to this is obtaining a Dragon Bomb quickly. With its low cool down and huge damage, it's absolutely paramount to secure this skill to ensure your fighting potential. 

Lastly, it can be incredibly dangerous to travel the upper gantries as they will leave you exposed from all  sides. If you have to use them, make sure you use the launcher cogs to hop onto the floating middle platform, dodging just before to get that extra boost. 


The winning team in Dragon Ball will receive a Dragon Coffer. Inside are a variety of items, but tend to be fireworks, Zhaitaffy or tickets to obtain a Jade weapon.

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