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Warrior AoE Farming Build Guide

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February 27, 2014 - 5:56am -- Lee B.
Warrior AoE Farming Build Guide

Warrior has the benefit of being able to deal some of the biggest damage possible in the game right now. With the raw damage of the class, and the utilities the class gets to innately buff itself to deal more damage, this build will allow you to tag any creature you come across without issue. This build focuses on the use of greatsword and longbow to hit large swaths of creatures quickly and make certain you are getting kill credit for each of them.

Warrior AoE Farming Traits

Warrior AoE Farming Traits

The traits for this build are about evenly split between accenting damage and survivability. Thirty trait points are to give you the ability to use your greatsword skills more while also giving you extra power to so that you are hitting as hard as possible. Twenty points are used for condition control. The last twenty points are to give you reduced shout cooldown and a bit more survivability through healing shouts.

Warrior AoE Farming Skills

Warrior AoE Farming Skills

Utilities are likewise split down between survival and damage. "For Great Justice!" and Signet of Rage are there to give you serious boosts of damage through fury and might. "Shake It Off!" is for sorely needed condition cleanse and stun-breaking and Endure Pain is there to make sure you have an escape so you can pop your healing skill.

Warrior AoE Farming Gameplay

Your attack cycle typically falls to this trend:

  • Open by using "For Great Justice!" and Signet of Rage.
  • With your greatsword enter into combat with the third skill.
  • Follow up with the fourth greatsword skill into a group of enemies.
  • Maneuver the entire pack of enemies while auto-attacking.
  • Switch to longbow when your adrenaline meter is full.
  • Use your adrenaline burst skill then follow up with the third longbow skill.
  • Use the second longbow skill into a solid group of enemies.
  • Repeat this cycle as many times as necessary.

Use "Shake It Off!" often to make sure you are keeping conditions down on you and for the healing it provides if absolutely necessary. Endure Pain should be reserved for when you need to get out of the thick of the fight to avoid enemy focus. Your heal is best left alone due to its passive heal, but don't be afraid to use it if you are absolutely certain you will die if you don't.