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Thief's Guide to Stealing

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August 6, 2012 - 2:09am -- jeffprime
guild wars 2 thief's guide to stealing

Every profession in Guild Wars 2 has some unique abilities that set them apart from other professions, and in the case of the Thief, that unique talent is the ability to steal. The Thief's ability to steal allows the player to steal something from an opponent and then use that item. Most of the time, the item gained is some form of weapon that can be used against the opponent, but sometimes it can be in the form of a boost.

To steal, the Thief activates the ability by pressing F1, which allows the Thief to shadowstep up to the foe and steal the item. The range for stealing is a healthy 900 with a cooldown of 45 seconds. Once you've stolen from a foe, you can use the item gained by hitting F1 again. Each creature that you face in Guild Wars 2 seems to have certain items associated with them. For example: moa birds tend to give feathers that you throw or eggs you can eat. Please note that you don't have to use the item you've stolen right away. You can store it for later use, but you'll be unable to steal again until you've used the item you're holding. However, once you've stolen from an opponent, they are aware of you so be prepared to start throwing down.

guild wars 2 thief's guide to stealing

Stealing is a fun mechanic for Thieves and introduces a random element into combat. You should definitely be attempting to steal as often as possible as that the effects from the various items gained can be quite beneficial, such as causing blindness, bleeding, or going into stealth. Experiment with this ability and see what you can steal from the various creatures in the game. Also take heed that quite a number of stolen items have a decent range associated with them, like rifle shot or throw feathers.

The items that you can steal as a Thief vary quite a bit as you can see from the miscellaneous items shown below.

All in all, the ability to steal is a fun, and useful, ability for a Thief in Guild Wars 2. You automatically gain something useful to use in combat and it costs nothing in initiative to use. Plus, you're a Thief so you should be stealing from your enemies whenever you can!


MokiCzech's picture
Submitted by MokiCzech on

Woh, that Plasma is pretty crazy! Good article, I played Thief in BWE and did not really understand it. Does its cooldown start refreshing as soon as you steal, or after you used stolen item?

I'm a master baiter!

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Submitted by Wedge7 on

@MokiCzech It starts refreshing as soon as you steal. If you keep the stolen item for long enough, steal will be available immediately after you use the stolen item. 

Being a core mechanic of the thief, many of their traits are associated with stealing, and if you spec right, you can make steal a powerful ability. I like the randomness associated with it, but I know people can get frustrated in sPvP, when you steal and want one item, but get a different one. 

And yes, consume plasma is lovely. 

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Submitted by oneeyered on

I have yet to play a thief but this is certainly one way to get me excited about the class. Nice read jeff.

Its a simple world for complicated people



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Submitted by jeffprime on

Thanks. I normally play Thieves/rogues in MMOs (I can't help my desire to stabbie, stabbie!), but I normally hate how most MMOs do nothing to make them stand apart from other DPS style classes. The only other game that has a cool mechanic is DDO where you can disarm traps. As for stealing, I do like the randomness of it, but also enjoy how certain items are keyed to specific creatures. It'll be interesting to see what you can steal during the latter stages of the game.

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Submitted by sylvinstar on

@The Shadow..I mean Jeffprime

Are thieves able to steal from Ranger pets or Necro pets in sPvP?

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Submitted by jeffprime on

I do not know, but I'll do some checking to see if that's possible. BTW, thanks for recognizing my avatar. :) I've been a lifelong fan of the Shadow and other pulp heroes. I've even listened to a whole slew of the old radio shows.

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