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Ranger Build Guide: Spirits/Shortbow

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February 10, 2014 - 8:12pm -- Lewis B
Spirit Ranger Build

In this article we present to you a ranger structured PvP build guide focused on the use of spirits. The purpose of this build is to deal heavy conditions (primarily from bleeding and burning) with the use of short-bow and sword/dagger. It has high survivability and high levels of avoidance. The build is incredibly effective and is very much "flavor of the month". 



Capable of dealing high condition damage

Is incredibly squishy.

Excellent levels of mobility

Relies heavily on Spirits (which can die easily)

Is capable of surviving for long periods of time

Not as high damage as a trapper build

Transfers well to WvW

Relatively boring play-style due to lack of skill use

Can remove conditions easily

You're likely to get some stick from sPvP players

Spirit Ranger Skill Bar

Please Note: Only summon your spirits just before you engage an enemy. Also, only activate your spirits skills when you can guarantee they get caught in the snare/blind/aoe damage.

  • Jaguar (Primary)
  • Wolf (Secondary)
  • Shark (Primary Underwater)
  • Red Jellyfish (Secondary Underwater)

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build Guide

The entire purpose of this build is to burn down players while shielded with your spirits. What makes it formidable is the fact that the spirits activate constantly as a result of their buff (and the rapid fire of the shortbow). It isn't a particularly exciting play style, due the fact you'll only use the shortbow from afar (and its 5 skills) and will only change to sword/dagger when opponents get near.

Overall, it has fantastic survivability and is capable of destroying most professions 1 on 1. You might kill some slower than others (guardians are great at removing the conditions you inflict) but they'll eventually succumb to your rate of fire. Outside of sPvP this build also works exceptionally well in World versus World as a solo roaming build but it does lack swiftness when not in combat. 

  1. Open by summoning all 3 Spirits.
  2. Unload all your shortbow skills, primarily with Crippling Shot and Poison Volley to keep your opponents under instant pressure. 
  3. Remain at ranged until your shorbow skills are exhausted and/or if your opponent closes the distance.
  4. Trigger your spirits skills (blind/electrocute/immobilize) and switch to sword/dagger. 
  5. Ensure you remove the auto-attack from your sword as this risks keeping you locked to your target. 
  6. Summon your elite spirit before you encounter a necromancer/engineer or fellow ranger as they are likely to hit you hard with conditions. This allows you to save your Healing Spring. 
  7. Repeat the attack rotation until your opponent is dead, swapping between shortbow/secondary weapon set where necessary. 

Revision History

  • 02/10/2014 - Update the Skills section with the newest heal spirit that was added after the creation of this guide.