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Ranger Build Guide: Longbow/Greatsword

September 18, 2014 - 10:50pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build Guide

In this guide we present to you a ranger structured PvP build guide focused on the longbow/greatsword combination. The purpose of this build is to deal as much damage as possible, in as little time as possible. Unlike the bunker/trapper build previously demonstrated, this has little survivability but will deal significantly more damage. The key to surviving with this build is picking your fights, supporting your team mates from afar and utilizing your Signet of Stone.

Please Note: This build can easily be used in PvE or WvW by getting Berserker gear.

Ranger Longbow Positives and Negatives



Capable of dealing high spike damage.

Is incredibly squishy.

Excellent at burning players down from afar.

Relies heavily on the Signet of Stone.

Is the only viable glass cannon build.

Not as flexible as a bunker/trapper build.

Transfers well to WvW and PvE.

Is not easy to master and requires extensive practice.

Can escape easily with the greatsword.

Failing to time skill use will leave you vulnerable.

Ranger Longbow Traits and Gear

Ranger Longbow Equipment

This build takes advantage of the burst potential of Longbow and really increasing upon it with stats, traits and equipment. In particular Eagle Eye, Read the Wind and Quick Draw are used to really make your longbow shine. Topping this off with Sigil of Fire and Sigil of Air makes this weapon hit absolutely harder than most people can prepare for. Additionally, due to the utility of the knockback and stealth, this weapon can keep you alive long enough for back up or one of your other cooldowns comes up.

Greatsword is almost entirely a utility weapon for this build. The block and leap makes it incredibly useful as a getaway mechanism for when you need room to utilize your longbow. This utility, along with using a Sigil of Energy gives you the ability to escape some situations compeltely unscathed. When push comes to shove the Sigil of Intelligence gives you the ability to do some serious damage long enough for you to swap back to longbow.

Ranger Longbow Skills

Ranger Longbow Skill Bar

Please Note: Signet of the Wild can be replaced with Muddy Terrain or Signet of Renewal depending on if you need more immobilize or condition clearing. Entangle can be replaced with Rampage as One if you need some more stability to survive through longer fights.

Ranger Longbow Why This Build?

This build is the burst build for any Ranger to look forward to. The September Feature Pack update gave Ranger’s much more power in their longbow auto-attacks and the rate at which the Barrage hits enemies. Due to this this build has almost taken over as the damaging meta for any ranger. Do you want to kill your enemies from a decent range with plenty of escapes? This build is for you.

The build lacks in ways any glass cannon sort of build would: survivability and diversity. With this build you are all in that you are killing people with your longbow. If you don’t kill someone by the time they are in your face, and you have gone through your cool downs, then you are likely going to die. This is especially true if more than one person has decided to focus on you.

Ranger Longbow Gameplay

Gameplay is surprisingly simple: keep your distance, use your Rapid Fire every time it comes up and auto-attack when it isn’t.

The hardest part of the gameplay is maintaining your distance and what to do if your enemy is in your face. Longbow has the ability to knockback and provides stealth should an enemy get in your face. If you swap to your greatsword while stealthed you can then make use of Swoop so that you can get some distance away from your enemy. Even more distance can be gotten if you also make use of Lightning Reflexes.

If for some reason you have no ability to make distance you can always make the use of Signet of Stone and your Troll Unguent to keep yourself alive just a little bit longer until a skill comes off cool down. Combining this with your greatsword’s block and dodges should help you stay alive along enough for you to give yourself the ability to tactically retreat.

Updated 09/18/2014 to reflect the change in the ranger meta due to the September Features Pack update.


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Submitted by pokematt28 (not verified) on

sory or is it just me signant of stone is olny 6 seconds withought dammage for your pet

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Submitted by cpb (not verified) on
You can trait to have signets apply to the ranger as well as the pet.

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Nice guide thanks

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