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Ranger Build Guide: Longbow/Greatsword

May 7, 2013 - 12:17pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build Guide

In this guide we present to you a ranger structured PvP build guide focused on the longbow/greatsword combination. The purpose of this build is to deal as much damage as possible, in as little time as possible. Unlike the bunker/trapper build previously demonstrated, this has little survivability but will deal significantly more damage. The key to surviving with this build is picking your fights, supporting your team mates from afar and utilising your Signet of Stone.



Capable of dealing high spike damage.

Is incredibly squishy.

Excellent at burning players down from afar.

Relies heavily on the Signet of Stone.

Is the only viable glass cannon build.

Not as flexible as a bunker/trapper build.

Transfers well to WvW and PvE.

Is not easy to master and requires extensive practice.

Can escape easily with the greatsword.

Failing to time skill use will leave you vulnerable.

  • Signet Mastery
  • Predator's Instinct
  • Signet of the Beastmaster
  • Agility Training
  • Pet Prowess
  • Mighty Swap
  • Vigorous Training

Why these Traits?

At the forefront of any build is the need for effective traits that compliment the playstyle you are trying to achieve. In this case, the premise is on you dealing as much damage as possible.  The traits above support this concept as they provide additional attributes in Power and Precision but also support the ranger through the use of Signets (Signet of Stone is fundamental to survivability) and improve the pets damage to further compliment the rangers. Inevitably, a large proportion of a rangers damage still comes from the pet so secure traits which improve that still remains beneficial. 

  • Healing Spring
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Quickening Zephyr 
  • Signet of Stone
  • Rampage As One

Why these Skills?

The skills above have been picked to compliment the builds general play style: aggressive. Healing Spring while healing for less than the others available to the ranger provides a much needed conditional removal skill. Lightning Reflexes and Quickening Zephyr provide two stun removals (needed when you're so squishy!) but also the ability to obtain Vigor and Haste. Be careful when you use both, as using either at an inopportune moment will leave you vulnerable for long periods of time. Lastly are Signet of Stone and Rampage as One. The Signet provides complete immunity from damage for six seconds which can only be describes as one of the best "Oh Sh*t!" buttons in the game. Rampage As One in contrast is a very offensive Elite, providing you and your pet with might when the other attacks an opponent while also providing stability and fury. I'd recommend you utilise this just before an encounter and just before Quickening Zephyr/Rapid Fire to really stack up the might. 

Please Note: If you feel too squishy, replace Lightning Reflexes with Signet of Renewal for additional condition mitigation. 

  • Superior Sigil of Fire
  • Superior Sigil of Bloodlust
  • Superior Rune of Melandru (x6)
  • Berserkers Amulet

Why these Upgrades and Amulets?

When it comes to Upgrades, Superior Sigil of Fire provides a high damage spike to compliment your high critical hit chance and will frequently trigger when utilizing Rapid Fire. Superior Sigil of Bloodlust allows for additional Power to be earned and is easily maxed in sPvP. Lastly, Superior Rune of Melandru on the premise that the build is squishy and has limited condition removal and when you have utilised all your stun breaks, you need all the help you can get. In regards to Amulets, Berserker is used on the basis that it provides the highest damage capabilities out of all the amulets and will afford you with around 45% critical hit chance. It will leave you extremely vulnerable, so be cautious.

Please Note: If you feel too squishy, replace the Berserker's Amulet with Soldiers for a little more survivability.

  • Longbow (Primary) 
  • Greatsword (Secondary)

Why these Weapons?

The Longbow affords the ranger with amazing ranged opportunities and is strictly Power and Precision based. In comparison to the shortbow it is limited in its mobility, however, this can be compensated by clever use of positioning and through its raw range or its powerful knockback. The secondary weapon (Greatsword) remains underrated. Similarly to the longbow its ability to deal damage is based on Power and Precision and is not only capable of hitting hard but provides useful utility in getting in and out of combat (Swoop) but also surviving when in amongst it (Counterattack is amazing). 

  • Jaguar (Primary)
  • Wolf (Secondary)
  • Shark (Primary Underwater)
  • Red Jellyfish (Secondary Underwater)

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build Guide

Why these Pets?

The Jaguar and Wolf are the rangers most aggressive pets. The Jaguar deals massive damage from its stealth skill and the Wolf is able to control a crowd through its use of Fear. What makes the Wolf a formidable secondary pet is the fact that Fear can also be used on your enemy even when you're downed, buying you precious time to revive yourself. Be careful however when using the Jaguar as while it might deal massive damage it will also die incredibly easily. Don't be afraid to swap it out rather than let it die. Lastly, underwater pets are still a part of structured PvP so don't forget to set them! The Shark is very similar to the Wolf with the exception that it deals heavy bleeding while the Red Jellyfish provides a good burst of healing and area of effect attacks. 

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sory or is it just me signant of stone is olny 6 seconds withought dammage for your pet

cpb (not verified)
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You can trait to have signets apply to the ranger as well as the pet.
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Nice guide thanks

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