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Ranger AoE Farming Build Guide

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February 27, 2014 - 5:45am -- Lee B.
Ranger AoE Farming Build Guide

Rangers have the slight disadvantage that they don't have a singular weapon that truly excels at large area damage. However, they do have one of the best bouncing weapons game with the axe and have decent AoE utilities in Traps. This build utilizes axe/torch and traps to make sure you can tag as many enemies as possibly for kill credit.

Ranger AoE Farming Traits

Ranger AoE Farming Traits

Your traits are split up to a few different priorities with the main focus on being the damage you deal. All of your trait points are put into the trait lines that give you offensive stats to make sure that you are hitting hard and your conditions cut deep. An emphasis of forty trait points is spent to assist the bleed you do, the amount of damage you deal and lowering your cooldowns. Twenty trait points are to give your traps the ability to hit as large an area as possible, as often as possible and that the damage being dealt is as much as possible. Your last ten give you just a splash of survivability.

Ranger AoE Farming Skills

Ranger AoE Farming Skills

Your utilities have a heavy lean towards traps.This build needs the raw damage of Flame Trap and Viper's Nest. With their larger radius they will effect, through your traits, these two traps become your main way to tag enemies for kill credit.

Signet of the Hunt is your primary way of getting between your enemy groups and is pretty much the most reliable way of speeding you up. Your elite, Rampage as One, is mainly for that stability and fury. While your pet can contribute to the might stacks you will most likely find that a pet will die in an environment where you will be fighting ten or more enemies at a time.

As for pets it is a good idea to go for the Carrion Devourer and the River Drake. The Carrior Devourer has a lot of built in survivability and its AoE Poison Cloud can hit a good number of enemies. The River Drake is what you will likely want to keep out a majority of the time for the Lightning Breath attack and its Tail Swipe AoE attack.

Ranger AoE Farming Gameplay

Your attack rotation is simple:

  • Throw your traps as often as you can into mobs of enemies.
  • Make sure you activate your pet's skill on a target that is in the middle of a group of enemies.
  • Use your fifth torch skill and second axe skill as often as possible.
  • Auto-attack until your traps come off cooldown then begin from the top.

When you feel the ned to use Rampage as One make certain your Carrion Devourer is out. The Carrion Devourer's activated skill deals a continuous pulse damage, while its auto-attack hits twice per attack. This means you get a large amount of stacking might more reliably than with the River Drake.