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Necromancer AoE Farming Build Guide

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February 27, 2014 - 5:16am -- Lee B.
Necromancer AoE Farming Build Guide

Usually when people think of Necromancer for AoE farming and tagging their first thought is staff and possibly Wells. That isn't necessarily wrong, but those lack the frequent damage necessary to be successful at tagging mobs for kill credit. The method we go over here does utilize staff Marks and Wells, but also the addition of using Death Nova for minion abuse to give you a lot of sources of AoE to get credit.

Necromancer AoE Farming Traits

Necromancer AoE Farming Traits

Your traits get split into three main endeavors: Marks, Wells and Death Nova. Roughly you spend forty trait points into marks for: damage, cooldowns, and size of the Marks. Ten of it goes into reducing the cooldowns of your Wells for constant AoE pulse damage. The last of the trait points going into Death Nova and a splash of survivability.

Necromancer AoE Farming Skills

Necromancer AoE Farming Skills

Your utilities are split between Minions and Wells. Getting Well of Suffering is a given for the AoE damage and Well of Suffering is a great skill to have for that extra damage and the ability to corrupt enemy boons. Your other utility slot is used for Bone Minions which work great with Death Nova because of the ability to pop them whenever you want for additional damage and the Death Nova damage. Getting Lich Form as your elite works great when you summon a mass of Jagged Horrors or for the AoE damage you can deal in that form.

Necromancer AoE Farming Gameplay

Don't preemptively drop your marks. The AI in this game is incredibly unpredictable at times which can truly screw you out of some great damage from your Marks. You will want to wait until they collect up a bit so you can hit them with the Marks directly underneath their feet to get the maximum benefit of the Marks.

Using your Wells requires you to go into the thick of combat, because you don't have the trait to make the ground targeting. Don't let that be daunting for you, though. Typically you will want to follow this combat order for placing your wells:

  • Build your Death Shroud with your staff and Minions.
  • Use Death Shroud and go into the thick of the fight.
  • Drop your wells.
  • Use Death Shroud's fourth and fifth skills.
  • Get out of the middle of the fight.
  • Get back to using your staff and minions.

Your minions are what are going to really get you your kill credit. With the trait that gives you a Jagged Horror on every enemy death, and your own Bone Minions, you will have a bunch of weenie creatures swarming the field and likely getting killed quickly. Every time they die they will explode into a poison cloud, because of Death Nova, and give you a field that deals poison damage to enemies in the thick of it. If you can preemptively pop your Bone Minions with Putrid Explosion you can get even damage to tag your enemies with.


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Submitted by kyvia on

Just a clarification: You can not use any Utility spells while in DS, so you could not "Use DS to get into the thick of the fight, drop your wells, and then use DS 4/5" unless you dropped out of DS in the middle of it all, which would leave you vulnerable to all the passive AoE going on, and put your DS on cooldown, negating the use of DS4/5 until it was up.

A possible substitution would be 20 in Curses over Blood: This would give all attacks a chance to bleed on crit, and give 5 seconds of Fury when entering DS, both major damage boosts, and the option of Curses IV for Enfeeble (a slightly less damaging replacement for Mark of Blood), and Curses VI for Focused Rituals, which lets you better place your wells, with albeit a slightly longer cooldown.