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Guardian AoE Farming Build Guide

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February 27, 2014 - 5:04am -- Lee B.
Guardian AoE Farming Build Guide

To make an effective AoE farmer with the Guardian the main weapon you will use is the staff. The staff's quick, piercing auto-attack and the ability to place a damaging Symbol anywhere makes it absolutely the best AoE weapon for the Guardian. Luckily, with the Guardian's innate survivability, the build can focus on bringing out the damaging aspects of the Guardian, through Virtue of Justice, to make it one of the best farming builds in the game currently.

Guardian AoE Farming Traits

Guardian AoE Farming Traits

Thirty of your trait points are all about strengthening the damage through Virtue of Justice. Every time you kill an enemy your Virtue of Justice instantly goes off cooldown. Every time you activate Virtue of Justice you deal five seconds of burning to your enemy, and give yourself three stacks of might and retaliation. While your enemy is burning you deal an extra 10% damage to them. In the midst of a massive mob of enemies you will constantly be hitting your Virtue of Justice as enemies go down giving you a heck of a lot of might for more damage. Top it all off because you have Two-Handed Mastery and Symbolic Exposure you will dropping your Symbol of Swiftness often beneath enemy feet to give them vulnerability and therefor give you more damage.

Your survivability comes in through the twenty points you have in Honor and Virtues. Your dodging heals you and you are able to dodge more often through the vigor you gain on critical hits. Your Virtue of Resolve has enhanced passive heals and every time you activate it you cleanse three conditions and regeneration. Lastly every time your aegis is used you get a small heal.

Guardian AoE Farming Skills

Guardian AoE Farming Skills

All your utilities are about survival. With no trait points invested in Shouts, we stick with shorter timed shouts so you have those more readily to provide their benefits. It also doesn't hurt to have that added survivability from "Hold the Line!". Wall of Reflection is a great skill to have in most situations where a ton of enemies are at because some of them are very likely to be ranged enemies and that means free damage for you. "Stand Your Ground!" should be used as you head into combat and every time it comes off cooldown to get the most use out of the retribution and stability.Lastly, Renewed Focus is a great panic button to give yourself some room from enemies and to reset your Virtues to keep you alive.

Guardian AoE Farming Gameplay

You should always be moving and using your staff auto-attack at every moment in between using staff's third skill under enemies. Try not to target anything either as it will make it harder for you to constantly use the cone attack of the staff auto-attack to its full potential. After hitting a small group three or four times move on to another section of enemies to hit another three or four times and making sure you are popping Virtue of Justice when your allies kill the enemies you already hit.

For survival you general want to follow these guidelines in order:

  • At 75% health use Virtue of Courage and "Hold the Line" so that you are taking less damage and getting the benefit of regeneration and Virtue of Resolve's passive.
  • At 50% health use Virtue of Resolve for a solid boost in health.
  • Below 50% health, if you have already used Virtue of Resolve, use Renewed Focus before you use your heal. This way you can potentially shoot yourself back up to 75% with the combined effort of your shouts and Virtues.
  • If you aren't taking any more focused damage and are still low use your second staff skill, making sure to immediately activate it again in your face for the health, and the fourth staff skill.
  • If you are taking focused damage go ahead and use your heal.

The rest of your skills should be used to your best judgment. If you think you are about to meet a group that stuns or knocks you down often use "Stand Your Ground!" prior to the fight, otherwise save it as a stun-breaker. Wall of Reflection should be best reserved for when you have two or more ranged characters aiming in your general direction. Lastly, the fifth staff skill can be used mainly for when you need to make distance between you and an enemy.


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Submitted by wolfger on

The date on this article is yesterday, but it must be really old or just really bad. Symbol of Swiftness does not cause vulnerability to enemies, which causes me to then question everything else the article says... Since it doesn't give a trait-by-trait explanation, lord only knows if the traits here are still good. I think Honor III (expand size of symbols) would be a far better choice for an AoE build than the Honor VI shown here (currently Heal on Aegis removal). 

Lee B.'s picture
Submitted by Lee B. on

Fifteen points into Zeal give you Symbolic Exposure which makes all Symbols give vulnerability. It is still like that today.

You have a point for Honor III, but I prefer Honor VI for just a splash more of survivability for when you pop Virtue of Courage for the additional survival. 

wolfger's picture
Submitted by wolfger on

Thanks for the response! I'm working this build up on a new character, and I hadn't gotten to 15 points of zeal yet (and hadn't looked ahead to the full build). My bad. :-) I really wish these builds had point-by-point discussion of what the traits are and why.