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Engineer Build Guide: HGH/Tool Kit

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May 9, 2013 - 1:16pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Engineer Build

In this guide we present to you an engineer build guide focused on the use of elixirs and the powerful HGH trait. The purpose of this build is to not only stack large quantities of might (25 stacks) but deal massive condition damage through your use of conditions. When utilising dual pistols and the tool kit, not only will you chew through most professions quickly by overwhelming them with bleeding, burning and confusion, but you'll also have a high level of survivability through the tool kits Gear Shield (3 second immunity to all damage) as well as Elixir S (3 second immunity to all damage) and condition cleansing. 

Please Note: This build transfers directly to PvE and simply requires you to use Rabid armour as opposed to a single amulet.



Capable of dealing massive condition damage.

Close quarter playstyle of dual pistols/toolkit can leave you exposed.

Excellent at damaging multiple opponents.

Susceptible to Boon corruption.

Excels at evading damage through swiftness and vigor.

Requires high levels of timing to maximise Elixir use.

Transfers well to WvW and PvE.


Compliments any tournament team through its flexibility and survivability. 


  • Incendiary Powder
  • Enhance Performance
  • Infused Precision
  • Hair Trigger
  • Invigorating Speed
  • Cleansing Formulae 409
  • HGH

Why these Traits?

At the forefront of any build is the need for effective traits that compliment the playstyle you are trying to achieve. In this case, the premise is on you stacking as much of the might boon as you possibly can. The purpose of stacking might (to a maximum of 25) is based on the fact it increases both your Condition Damage and Power. 25 Might stacks will provide you with an additional 875 Condition Damage and Power - an enormous amount! Enhance Performance and HGH will allow you to quickly reach high stacks of might.

Alongside this is the need to also deal damage through your conditions, which primarily comes from your pistols (though the tool kit Pry Bar is amazing). Traits such as Incendiary Powder and Hair Trigger go a long way in allowing you to deal additional damage (burning on critical hit and reduced cooldowns on pistol use).

Lastly, Infused Precision, Invigorating Speed and Cleansing Formulae 409 not only keep you mobile (near permanent swiftness and vigour in combat) but also condition free. You'll stay condition free simply because every elixir you use (drinking or throwing on yourself) will cure a condition. 

Please Note:  While reaching high levels of might stacking through Elixir use alone is possible (roughly 10 stacks) to truly reach 25 stacks, read on to Upgrades and Amulets. 

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Build


  • Elixir H
  • Tool Kit
  • Elixir S
  • Elixir B
  • Supply Crate

Why these Skills?

The skills above have been picked to compliment the builds general play style: elixirs providing might. For every elixir you drink you will gain 2 stacks of might and for every elixir you throw onto yourself you will gain a single stack of might. To put it simply, were you drink all your elixirs at once (and throw them down) you would achieve around 13 stacks of might. To further compliment this is the tool kit. 

The tool kit is without question the best 'kit' available to the engineer. Not only can you swap back and forth to it as much as you like, but its skills are some of the best in the game.

  • Pry Bar: Deals massive damage at 25 stacks of might (2,000 critical hits) but also applies 5 stacks of confusion.
  • Gear Shield: Provides total immunity from damage for 3 seconds.
  • Magnet: Pulls enemies towards you from a range of 1,200ft.

What makes kits so wonderful (when paired with the sigils below) is the fact that each time you swap back and forth between your pistols and the tool kit, it will see you receive 3 stacks of might for 20 seconds (with the exception of an internal cooldown on the sigil). 

Lastly and perhaps a little contradictory is the use of Supply Crate. While you could use Elixir X and gain might in the process (it is an elixir afterall) it leaves you easily targetted due to the Tornado and Juggernaut being large in size. There is no right and wrong here, but the net turret and med-packs that the supply crate offers make it an excellent support tool for you and team mates.

Please Note: In WvW and PvE I would recommend you equip Elixir X simply because Juggernaut and Tornado are excellent against large groups of players or monsters.

  • Superior Sigil of Earth
  • Superior Sigil of Battle
  • Superior Rune of Strength (x2)
  • Superior Rune of Fire (x2)
  • Superior Rune of Hoelbrak (x2)
  • Rabid Amulet

Why these Upgrades and Amulets?

When it comes to Upgrades, Superior Sigil of Earth offers the engineer the opportunity to stack more bleeding. With a 60% chance to cause bleeding on critical hits and with your pistols auto attack also causing bleeding, its more than possible to create 5 to 6 stacks on your target. Alongside this and the pillar of a HGH build, is Superior Sigil of Battle. As briefly mentioned, Superior Sigil of Battle provides the engineer with 3 stacks of might when they change weapons in combat. This sigil does have an internal cooldown of 10 seconds (i.e it won't trigger if you swap back and forth between weapons every second) so be mindful not to swap weapons too early. Thanks to Superior Sigil of Battle however, it's relatively easy alongside elixir use to reach 25 stacks in a matter of seconds.

Where the Amulet is concerned, taking Rabid allows you to achieve a high critical hit chance (around 45% without using Elixir B) to cause your Superior Sigil of Earth and minor traits to trigger but also offers a huge boost to your condition damage and toughness. Lastly, utilising multiple rune sets such as those listed above goes a long way to prolong your duration of might stacks.

Please Note: If you feel that your might stacks last long enough without the additional help from runes, simply replace these with runes that prolong your burning duration for a damage boost (x2 Superior Rune of   Balthazar, Flame Legion and Forge).

  • x2 Pistols (Primary) 
  • Tool Kit (Secondary)

Why these Weapons?

Many engineers utilise a shield as its considered a good bunkering weapon. There is some truth in that but in many respects it is limited by its incredibly long cool downs and the fact a sensible player is capable of avoiding both the skills the shield has. The value of two pistols is the fact that they share the same traits (Hair Trigger reduces the cooldown on both skill sets) but also the fact that Blowtorch deals massive damage while Glue Shot is invaluable for keeping players in place when on the offensive or for retreating. 

Lastly, tool kit is tragically underused and yet its so powerful in this build. 5 stacks of confusion provided by Pry Bar when used alongside Static Shot will wipe out most players while total immunity from Gear Shield and a huge range 'pull' in Magnet make it a nuisance weapon of choice. The key to utilising tool kit properly is to time your rotation of Magnet > Pry Bar > Change Weapons > Static Shot. 


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Submitted by bargamer on

GASP! I can't believe that you people would ethically condone Enhancing Performance with HGH! Don't you know that doing so would cause many people to develop a Hair Trigger and Elixer abuse? You take that Tool Kit and Cleaning Formulae 409 and... Ok ok, I'm done. XD

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Submitted by SeanNorm (not verified) on

I've only ever played an Engineer and this is the single best build I've come across!


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Submitted by nbates (not verified) on

Hey, can you explain on more detail how to gear for this build on PVE?

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Submitted by Jack (not verified) on

Hey, just coming back to GW2, is this build still available with the latest patches?

Excited to try it out. 



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Submitted by Jumby (not verified) on

Going to try your build in PvP, very well written! Thanks for the build!

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Submitted by MadJoker86 on

Thanks so much for this build :) but can you kindly tell me what gears for this build you post ,i need to in w vs w / pve,   knight or rampager ?

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Submitted by Xylos (not verified) on

Good stuff. Would love to see this guide updated since the December patch went live.