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Engineer Build Guide: Bunker/Shield/Bomb Kit

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May 13, 2013 - 4:32pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Engineer Bunker Build

In this guide we present to you an engineer build guide focused on bunkering through the use of Shield and Bomb Kit. Bunkering, if you're unaware, is a tactic used in structured PvP where players maximise their toughness and healing power in order to survive for long periods of time. To compliment this, bunker players also take as many skills as and traits possible to avoid damage. To be an effective bunker player requires high levels of timing and practice but reaps massive rewards for tournament teams. 

Please Note: This build transfers directly to PvE and simply requires you to use Passiflora armour as opposed to a single amulet. Be wary however as Passiflora items are extremely expensive.



Capable of surviving for long periods of time

Deals very little damage

Excellent at capturing and keeping a Control Point

Susceptible to coordinated focus fire

Excels at evading damage through swiftness and vigor

Requires high levels of timing to maximise survivability

Great at supporting other team mates through its survivability


Compliments any tournament team 


  • Protective Shield
  • Cloaking Device
  • Reinforced Shield
  • Invigorating Speed
  • Cleansing Formulae 409
  • Automated Response
  • Speedy Kits

Why these Traits?

At the forefront of any build is the need for effective traits that compliment the playstyle you are trying to achieve. In this case, the premise is on you surviving as long as you possibly can. The traits above are all designed to prolong your life and to mitigate any damage you receive. Protective ShieldCloaking Device and Reinforced Shield work wonderfully together on the premise that they provide you with protection, invisibility when stunned and a reduction to your shields cooldowns (your defensive weapon set).

Invigorating Speed and Speedy Kits provide you with permanent swiftness and (near permanent) vigor when in combat, allowing for an amazing level of mobility. To add to this, your elixirs still cleanse your conditions (through Cleaning Formulae 409) and when low health becoming completely immune to conditions through Automated Response.

Please Note:  Be wary when your Cloaking Device triggers as moving will remove your stealth. 

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Bunker Build

  • Elixir H
  • Bomb Kit
  • Elixir R
  • Elixir S
  • Supply Crate

Why these Skills?

The primary reason for taking Bomb Kit is because of its Tool Belt skill 'Big Ol' Bomb'. As a high damage area of effect knock back with a large radius, it is amazing for knocking players off points. What also makes Bomb Kit useful is the fact that Smoke Bomb is a combo-field and if used with your shields Magnet Shield skill will stealth you and anyone in the smoke field. When it comes to the choice of Elixirs and Elite skill, Elixir R and S provide you with two stun breaks, immunity and complete regeneration of your endurance. More importantly, Elixir R and its Tool Belt skill also provides a self-resurrection (if you throw it on your body before you die) while cleansing conditions. Lastly, Supply Crate provides a blast combo-field when it lands, a stun and a whole host of med-packs to keep you alive that little bit longer.

Please Note: Dependent on your play style, change Bomb Kit for Elixir Gun for a little more defensive play through its use of Super Elixir and Acid Bomb. 

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Bunker Build

  • x6 Superior Rune of Dwayna
  • Shaman's Amulet

Why these Upgrades and Amulets?

Its a relatively simple choice when it comes to upgrades and amulets: maximise your toughness and healing power and to support this further, adopt sigil's which allow you to continue to avoid damage (Superior Sigil of Energy) and which provide benefits on Kill Stacking, simply because your critical hit chance is so low it's the best alternative. 

Please Note: The best alternative to Dwayna runes if you want to increase your chances of protection is to take a full set of six Superior Rune of Earth to obtain magnet field when low health and a chance to trigger protection. In addition, Superior Sigil of Life can be used instead of Superior Sigil of Corruption for even more healing. 

  • x1 Pistols, x1 Shield (Primary) 
  • Bomb Kit (Secondary)

Why these Weapons?

The premise of this build isn't to deal huge damage but instead to gain utility from the weapons and the kits you wield. You will still kill players (though at a slower pace than a full HGH Engineer) but are only there to hold out on a control point until your allies arrive. You should roam the map you're on with your Pistol and Shield ready and when on a control point should frequently change to Bomb Kit in order to utilise all the bombs available (as well as Big Ol' Bomb) before switching back to Pistol and Shield. If I can recommend one thing when using your primary set, it is to ensure you don't waste your Shield skills. Not only are their cooldowns long (even when traited) but require perfect timing. 


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Submitted by MadJoker86 on

Thanks so much for this build :) but can you kindly tell me what gears for this build you post ,i need to in w vs w / pve,   knight or rampager ?