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Elementalist AoE Farming Build Guide

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February 27, 2014 - 4:51am -- Lee B.
Elemenalist AoE Farming Guide

Elementalists are already known for their incredible AoE skill, especially in Staff, so the point of this build is to absolutely capitalize on that. The goal is to make sure you hit as many mobs as possible, as quickly as possible, and as hard as possible. Luckily this is not too hard with a staff Elementalist build that utilizes staff in Fire Attunement, uses a couple summon weapons for additional damage over a large area and a couple Cantrips to stay alive.

Elementalist AoE Farming Traits

Elemenalist AoE Farming Traits

The traits chosen here are just about even between damage and survivability. Practically half of your trait points are invested down Water Magic for Cantrip Mastery, Soothing Disruption and Cleansing Water. These are chosen as additional ways to cleanse conditions without having to switch off of Fire Attunement, while still utilizing the absolute strength of Cantrips to keep you alive.

The damage comes in through the thirty points invested into Fire Magic for Internal Fire, Pyromancer's Alacrity and Pyromancer's Puissance so that you are throwing as many fire spells as you can around, and getting the benefits of additional damage for staying in Fire Attunement. That ten in Arcana is just to make sure you hit as many foes as you can with your fire spells, and if you need to switch to Water Attunement to throw down an additional heal or two.

Elementalist AoE Farming Skills

Elementalist AoE Farming Skills

Considering that the traits are so heavily invested into Cantrips it is no surprise that Mist Form and Armor of Earth are on the utility bar. Mist Form being a great escape if you get too much attention from enemies and Armor of Earth is great for the stability and the absolutely necessary protection considering it is important to stay stuck in Fire Attunement.

The summon weapon skills, however, are out of place in that we invested nothing into improving them. You just cannot deny the power of Ice Bow's fourth skill for AoE. Fiery Greatsword can be used a bit for AoE through the fifth skill , the third skill or just the auto-attack. Its main purpose is to be a tool for you to move quickly from one group of enemies to the next through the use of the third skill and the fourth skill.

Elemenalist AoE Farming Gameplay

The build is all about using your Fire Attuned staff and Ice Bow to hit as many enemies as possible, and to hit them hard. Aim for groups of enemies, but don't worry about waiting for them to bundle up because you will have massive AoE to cover anywhere they may be. Typically your rotation will be like this:

  1. Start with Ice Bow and use the fourth and third skill as fast as possible.
  2. Drop the Ice Bow and use your Staff.
  3. Use the fifth, third, second and auto-attacks for about ten seconds.
  4. Pick up the spare Ice Bow if nobody else has taken it.
  5. Repeat from the top.

Other than that you use your Cantrips when you need to stay alive. Typically it is a good idea to use Armor of Earth as soon as enemies start focusing on you. If your health really starts dropping you pop Mist Form to make room between yourself and the enemy so you can use your heal.


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Submitted by bargamer on

Um, your article says 30 Fire and 10 Arcana, but the pic looks like a 20 and 20 to me.

Do you have 20/20 vision? *ba-dum-TSH!*

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Submitted by Lee B. on

I used the wrong image! Fixin it right now. Derp!


Thanks for the heads up!