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Complete Vista Guide to Lion's Arch

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September 7, 2012 - 11:32am -- Xerin
Complete Vista Guide to Lion's Arch

Lion’s Arch can be one of the most challenging starting maps for vista seekers out there. There are a few vistas that require a bit of “gotcha” work to them in order to locate them and Lion’s Arch’s chat is constantly ablaze with discussion about the locations of a few of the vistas. Worry not fellow adventurer, we’ve got your back with details on how to find each and every vista in Lion’s Arch (LA).

Instead of boring you with background about how LA is a pirate city and full of pirates, instead let’s jump right into the vistas and let the nearby citizens of LA tell you all about the pirates in the city as you wander around town.

You can see location of all vista markers and how many vistas you have uncovered by opening the map (default [M]).

 undiscovered vista Icon

Indicates a vista that has not been discovered

discovered vista icon Icon

Indicates a vista that has been discovered

Vista #1 – Hooligan’s Route

This one is simple. From the waypoint, traverse north into Hooligan’s Route. Near the vista you’ll find some stalagmites, jump onto these and then jump onto the bigger rock formation. From there, jump rock to rock to the vista.

Vista #2 – Western Ward

Western Ward Vista

This one is tricky, because it appears you’d need to go to the top floor of the houses in order to get to the vista, but there isn’t a route that way. What you’ll want to do is, facing the vista, look on your left for some rocks that look climbable. Use swiftness and jump up at them until you’re on top and then move over to the vista. May take a few tries, but that was the easiest way for me.

Western Ward Vista Sideway

The alternative is the traditional way to do it. On the first floor, jump past the bridge and behind the house is some rocks. Utilize these rocks to jump up and around to get to the top of the house.

Western Ward Vista - Backway

Vista #3 – Diverse Ledges

Diverse Ledges

This one is simple. Climb the wooden tower until you get to the waypoint. Then look down for the vista. It’s a simple jump and you’re done.

Vista #4 – Sanctum Harbor

Sanctum Harbor Vista

Simply swim to the vista marker then swim down. It’s right out in the open, no special jumping required.

Vista #5 – Trader’s Forum South

Traders Forum South Vista

Trader's Forum South Vista

This one can be difficult, but the path is actually quite simple. There is a wooden tower on the south west side of the Trader’s Forum that will take you up to the bridge where the vista is. You can see its location in the screenshot above.

Vista #6 – Trader’s Forum North

Trader's Forum North Vista

This one is, again, tricky but dastardly simple. Staring in the Grand Piazza, go the eastern fork and follow the bridges up and around, they take you straight to it. On the path, it continues north or you can go through arches across the wooden bridge, you'll want to take that left onto the wooden bridge. You can see it on the map above.

Vista #7 – Eastern Ward West

Eastern Ward Vista West

There are two paths you can take. The first is from the Grand Piazza, go east across the bridge to the pirate boats. You can reach the same area from the Eastern Ward’s waypoint, head west from the waypoint and go up through the ship until you reach the western side. Either way, you’ll notice inside the ship that the path to the center is blocked, jump through the supplies and make your way out to the upper deck. From here jump onto the canvas and the waypoint is easily accessible.

Watch out for holes in the deck of the ship.

Vista #8 – Eastern Ward East

Eastern Ward East / Inner Harbor Vista

This one is really simple. You’ll see the vista out on a rock that you can’t get to no matter what you do. You’ll jump in the water and try to climb it, you’ll go to a nearby rock and try to jump, and no matter what it’s impossible to get to. Well, an NPC nearby will offer you a gun that will let you jump to the island. Voila!

Vista #9 – Postern Ward

Postern Ward Vista

This one is again, simple. Climb up the rocks and it is yours.

Vista #10 – Bloodcoast Ward

Bloodcoast Vista

This one is easy. Go to the Bloodcoast Ward waypoint and then go up the stairs on your right. You’ll see another set of stairs going into a tower. From there just walk to the top of the building and it’ll be right in front of you.

Vista #11 – Sharkmaw Caverns

Sharkmaw House Entrance

This one is the one that tricks everyone, although there isn’t much difficulty in getting to the actual vista. You'll see it mentioned in chat all the time, "how do I get to the far south vista?" Well, from first glance it's impossible, but it's not. It’s just that it’s very well hidden. From the Farshore Waypoint walk south, go up the stairs and hang right. You’ll see a quaint little villa. From here, walk across the wood deck until you get to some hay. Climb on top of it to get to the top of the building.

Sharkmaw Cavern Entrance

From here, jump down and you’ll see another stack of hay you can jump on. That’s a red herring; you’ll want to look at the vines covering a hole in the cliff. Walk through there, up  a cliff, and across some stones at you’ll be at not only a vista, but the Sharkmaw Caverns jumping puzzle.

That’s all eleven vistas in Lion’s Arch! What's your favorite area or secret in Lion's Arch? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Submitted by AleksBlaze on

the favorite area will be the marketplace in ever game, because i like to sell and buy stuff more like a reseller, and thx for the post on the secret places :D

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Submitted by Cecile (not verified) on

The Vista with the Vines cover is one tricky monster..thanks for the help.

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Submitted by Mike (not verified) on

Excellent guide.  Found all the ones I was missing.  Much better than videos!