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The Splendid Chest - Ghostly Encounters

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October 25, 2012 - 12:43pm -- jeffprime
guild wars 2 splendid chest ghosts

With the Shadow of the Mad King event now in full swing, players are scampering across Tryia to carve pumpkins, locate Haunted Doors for some trick-or-treating fun, and participate in a variety of other activities themed for Halloween. However, there are plenty of other ghostly encounters to be found on various maps in the game. In the spirit of the holiday, we've rounded up a few of our favorite ghostly encounters for you to check out in this special edition of our explorer's journal, the Splendid Chest.

If you pay attention as you travel through the world of Tyria, you'll notice that it is chock full of the undead. From ghosts to risen zombies, the dearly departed can easily be found trying to snuff the life from our poor adventuring bodies. However, I have found ghosts to be incredibly interesting as they feature sometimes in violent encounters and other times in sadder circumstances. Since it's that ghastly time of year, let's look at some of the ghostly manifestations to be found in Tyria.

Lady in White

Our first experience with ghosts for humans is usually the Lady in White. This sad spirit can be found in the village of Shaemoor cemetery located in the Queensdale zone. The Lady in White can only be found at night (how appropriate) and players will find her weeping at a tombstone. When talked to, she'll ask the player to escort her home. Once the player accepts, she'll begin to walk towards the entrance of the cemetery. She'll talk about her sadness and loneliness. Thing take a bad turn when she reaches the entrance and she'll begin to rant about how she can never go home and she'll then attack you..

guild wars 2 splendid chest ghosts

If you choose to spend some time in the cemetery, you can read the various tombstones. They all have different inscriptions on them, some being quite amusing. If you get bored, you can even listen to the insane babblings of Gravekeeper Dumpy.

Ghostly Vigil

Another ghost that you can encounter in Guild Wars 2 is also found in Queensdale in the far west section of Shaemoor Fields. This time, the ghost is the gentle soul of Cicely Ottley. Just like the Lady in White, she will only appear at night next to her tombstone. When you talk to her, she asks the player to be kind to her family's farm. She is keeping an eye on her husband and son. Cicely asks the players to be kind to them and that they work so hard.

While this encounter doesn't add any XP or give any credit for completing an event, I love it as it adds another layer of depth to the game world. It's just a small encounter in a corner of the world which can only happen at nighttime, but it makes an emotional connection.

guild wars 2 splendid chest ghosts

Ghost Cat

An amusing ghost can be found on the Plains of Ashford at the Abbey Ruins. While the place is chock full of angry undead that the player needs to defeat, there is the ghost of a cat wandering the ruins. When I first encountered it, it kind of took me by surprise. The cat even has a name: Alfa. What makes this encounter great is that the cat will chase vermin that are moving through the area. Like many other such encounters in Guild Wars 2, it isn't earth-shaking, but it provides a chuckle and adds depth to the game world. Poor Alfa...he'll never get to eat those pesky rats.

guild wars 2 splendid chest ghosts

Freeing Ghosts

Our last ghostly encounter takes place in the Sparkfly Fen zone. Players will come across a group of asuran scholars at Fort Cadence. Their chief scholar, Scholar Yorix, will have a dynamic event that the players can start. It seems that Yorix has constructed a machine that he can use to free ghostly pirates and have them work on behalf of the forces of good. All he asks is that the player provides escort as he and his team enter the Shattered Keep to use his device.

This dynamic event is pretty fun. There are lots of ghost pirates to fight, as well as ghost cannons. What really spices it up is the running commentary by Yorix. He is incredibly pompous and his dialog is very funny to listen to.

Once you've finished escorting Yorix and his team into the Shattered Keep, you'll get rewarded for the event and another event will spawn. This time around, you'll have to defend Yorix as he sets up his machine. You'll fight off several waves of ghost pirates and then Yorix's machine will work and the ghost pirate captain will be freed. The event will end and Yorix, his team, and the ghost pirate captain will leave. You can follow them out, but there's no reward for doing so. I would recommend running over to the skill challenge located a few feet away from where the event ended.

guild wars 2 splendid chest ghosts

Hopefully, these chilling encounters with the ghostly denizens of Tyria will help get you in the mood for Halloween. Not be missed is the Halloween event for Guild Wars 2, Shadow of the Mad King. Keep your eyes open as you adventure because you'll never know what you'll come across. The world of Guild Wars 2 always seem to have something unexpected up its sleeve.


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Submitted by Kaden on

Very nice, I have seen all of these except for the ghost cat. I really need to spend more time in Ascalon. I also wanted to share one more ghost related event that I found while clearing Harathi Hinterlands. In the Ruins of Holy Demetria, right where the Halloween ghost was, there is a statue of Dwayna. If you light a candle in front of the statue and then kneel it will spawn a friendly emissary of Dwayna who tells you some of the history of that place. Included is the name of the failed protector whose tomb is in an adjacent room. If you move fast enough you can visit his tomb and call out his name to summon him for a quick event. 

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