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Secret of Southsun: Solo Dungeon Guide

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May 28, 2013 - 1:31pm -- Lee B.
Secret of Southsun

This dungeon is the newest and first part of the May 28th Secret of Southsun release. In this dungeon you use a single weapon you pick up in order to put Canach down, ease the tension on Southsun and claim your prize. It won't take you more than ten minutes and this guide makes sure no questions are asked!


Lionguard Deputy Location Mini Lionguard Deputy Location

The location of this dungeon is just the southwest of the Lion Point Waypoint, in a tunnel that's just behind the cavern of the jumping puzzle. Head down the tunnel and look for the Lionguard Deputy that, when spoken to, will allow you to do the solo dungeon.

Bombs and Skills

Scanner Skills

Upon entry you will see Inspector Kiel and some various Mine Detectors on the ground. Either speak to her to get your Detector, or just pick one up and head it in. It acts as a usual weapon pick up and replaces your weapon skill bar with five simple skills.

  1. Scan for Mines
  2. Disarm Land Mine
  3. Disarm Poison Gas Mine
  4. Disarm Caltrops Mine
  5. Gravity Pulse

Bomb icons

With the Scan you'll be able to tell what type of mine each of the glowing red mines are and you will need to use the similarly iconed skills to take them out. So for instance, if you see a bomb floating over the mine just use your second ability, Disarm Land Mine, and you'll be able to circumnavigate the explosive.

Killing Canach

Canach Kill

After handling a few bombs you come upon Canach who is immune to all damage BUT the explosions from his mines. Simply the best tactic to use here is to maneuver Canach between yourself and a Land Mine, push him into it using the Gravity Pulse, and follow up by making the Land Mine explode by using the Disarm Land Mine skill. Do this 5-7 times and he'll be done and you'll move on to the next dungeon.


  • Ten Karka Shells
  • Bag of Coins
  • Keg of Liquid Karma


Lee B.'s picture
Submitted by Lee B. on

DERP! Thanks. There had to be some error for hammering these suckers out as fast as I did!

bargamer's picture
Submitted by bargamer on

Or you could simply backtrack over the mines you disarmed on the way in...?

Galen's picture
Submitted by Galen on

I had a hard time with this, actually. It can be a bit tricky if you don't know what to do.

First off, don't worry about Carach's hitting you...its weak and won't add up to kill you in any real way...just use your self heal when your life gets low.

Carach's real threat is him knocking you into bombs.  to avoid this, put your back to the wall.  He'll still knock you down, but you won't fall into the bombs which are what hurt.  Then all you have to do is scan and then disarm the nearest bomb.  Run through the bomb and Carch will follow you, setting off the bomb to do damage to him, but not to you.

If the bomb is red it will hurt you, green it will hurt Carach.  just be careful and watch your chat window.  It will warn you when carach is setting off all of the bombs.  It will then tell you he is re arming them.  Any bombs going off near you will hurt you, so go back to the wall and stay there till the bombs are back then rinse and repeat.


Pix's picture
Submitted by Pix (not verified) on

I found that stacking vulnerability and condition damage kills him quite fast. A guildie told me afterwards I was supposed to lure him into the bombs. I guess his invulnerability is the same as the Camp supervisor had in WvW before the fix.