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Gates of Maguuma Rewards and Loot Guide

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July 4, 2014 - 9:33am -- Lee B.
Gates of Maguuma Rewards and Loot Guide

The Gates of Maguuma Living World release introduced a new zone, new crafting materials and plenty of new rewards. This guide will help you sort out what is where and how to get them. Keep in mind that all of the rewards and loot are here to stay permanently. You do not have to rush to get them before the next Living World story is released.

Geode Merchants

Geode Merchant List

Dusk and Kiena are two merchants that offer exclusive wares for geodes and a bit of copper and gold. To get geodes you can complete elite achievements associated with Gates of Maguuma, complete dynamic events around Dry Top or combine 10 piles of silky sand for a chance at one geode. If your particular instance is doing well they will offer more wares and also at a discount. These merchants sell recipes you can’t get anywhere else and are the most reliable source of Zephyrite Lockpicks that are used in Buried Treasure Chests. To get all of their recipes, at the cheapest prices, will cost you 1,850 geodes.

Buried Treasure Chests

Buried Chest Location

Buried Treasure Chests spawn at random locations across the Dry Top map during a sandstorm. These chests can only be opened with Zephyrite Lockpicks that are gotten from geode merchants or achievements chests. The chests will generally drop:

  • Dragonite Ore
  • 1-3 Geodes
  • Scrolls of Knowledge
  • Gilded Strongboxes
  • Nomad Recipes
  • Adventurer’s Spectacles
  • Adventurer’s Scarf
  • Lump of Raw Ambrite

Adventurer’s Mantle

Adventurer's Mantle

The Aventurer’s Mantle is made by combining the Adventurer’s Spectacles and Adventurer’s Scarf in a crafting station. To combine them you first need to have similarly weighted items (light, medium or heavy) and a crafting profession that has 400 levels in the similar weight field (tailoring, leatherworking or armorsmithing). To combine them you need rank 400 helmet ingredients and the two Adventurer’s pieces to discover the recipe in your crafting station. Combining all of them unlocks each skin for that item’s weight.

Ambrite and Nomad’s Gear

Ambrite is refined into Sheets of Ambrite which are used in making Nomad’s gear (Toughness, Healing Power and Vitality). To get Ambrite you need to open Buried Treasure Chests or complete Gates of Maguuma elite achievements. Recipes for Ambrite can be gotten from geode merchants or found in Buried Treasure Chests.

Nomad's Gear

Nopale and Prickly Pears

Nopale and Prickly Pears are found on Cactuses that are scattered through the Dry Top area. Nopale is the normal harvest and Prickly Pears are the rarer salvage. These two ingredients are used in cooking recipes that are bought from geode merchants.

Nopale and Prickly Pear Recipes

Possible Future Loot and Rewards

There are a few items and recipes currently in the game that are unaccounted for. Here we will cover them and discuss where/when they might show up. Check back in the future for any updates on these.

Mystic Forge Recipe

Geodes in the Mystic Forge

There is a currently mystic forge recipe that is in the game that can’t be completed. It involves the combination of 10 Geodes, a piece of Ambrite, a Mystic Coin and a Quartz Crystal. It is likely this recipe will make some upgraded version of a Geode or Ambrite for 500 level crafting in a future release.

Mini Mystical Dragon and Mini Llama

These two minis can be found in your collection tab but have not been discovered in –game. The Mini Llama could be part of a future Gem Store sale or an extremely rare drop from the Buried Treasure Chests. The Mini Mystical Dragon could be part of the next round of birthday gifts or be in a future Gem Store sale.