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The Dragon’s Reach: Part One Achievement Guide

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July 30, 2014 - 5:00pm -- Lee B.
The Dragon’s Reach: Part One Achievement Guide

The Dragon’s Reach: Part One Living World achievements take place in two areas: the Ley Line Hub in Dry Top and north of the Vault Waypoint in Plains of Ashford. Completing the two instances in these areas will unlock the achievements associated with them. All of the achievements can be completed by yourself but it is highly recommended you have at least one other person with you.

The Waypoint Conundrum

Waypoint Conundrum takes place in the Ley Line Hub near Omadd’s machine. To complete this mission you need to gather various parts that are scattered through the area for Taimi’s invention. Completing this mission can take as little as five minutes if you focus on just getting the parts.

To complete all the achievements for this instance you will need to run through the mission at least twice. This is because of the fact that you cannot complete Leave No Survivors and Nary a Pitfall in the same mission. Make sure when you enter the instance you are aware of which achievement you want to do because you can make yourself ineligible for both achievements if you aren’t careful.

Nary a Pitfall Circles

Nary a Pitfall is the easiest of the achievements. When you get access to Scruffy just make sure that when you move that you are using its detection action as often as possible. It is also important to remember that each of the three areas, where parts for Taimi’s machine are, are booby trapped to spawn enemies if you don’t do specific actions:

  • When you approach the Liquid Containment Chambers you need to interact with the middle pod. Click the “Leave it alone” option then immediately speak with Scruffy and choose the “Reinforce containment device” option.
  • To get the power supply from the Generator without activating any traps you need to do the following steps in order: Turn off the generator, open the generator’s casing, deactivate the aetheric field and grab the armature from the generator.
  • Getting the ley line energy-infused rocks simply requires you to open the correct chest. Open the chest described as “This chest looks unlocked. A chromatic light glistens along its edges.”

After that just keep using Scruffy's ambush detection to get through all the traps and ambushes.

Leave No Survivors Map

For Crate Scrapper and Leave No Survivors you need to trip every trap and ambush in the area. It is required you do these achievements with a team. Leave No Survivors is pretty straight forward with running over the marked circles and botching the actions within the three salvage areas. Move to each of the spots marked on the map and do the following:

  • For the Liquid Containment Chambers you approach the center pod. Interact with it and choose the top most option to immediately spawn two oozes to fight.
  • The Generator can spawn a group of imps to fight when you do the following steps in order:  Turn off the generator, open the generator’s casing and grab the armature from the generator.
  • When you head for the ley line energy-infused rocks you need to open a chest that is described to have a few containers and vials on top of it. Open it and you will have a Mordrem Wolf spawn and attack you.

Crate Scrapper

After you kill the Mordrem Wolf move immediately to the north to find a lone crate. Open it and a chromatic ooze will attack you. When you kill it you will get the Crate Scrapper achievement.

The last two parts to the Leave No Survivors achievement are dependent on each other. North of the ley line energy-infused rocks, on a ledge, is an area that will spawn a Veteran Inquest Assassin. At the same time the doors northwest of the Ley Line Hub Point of Interest will also open where three Inquest are waiting. You need to get the assassin to half health which will cause the assassin to retreat down to the ground. You need to kill the assassin before it gets close to the open gates or they will full retreat and you will get no credit. While killing the assassin make sure at least one of your team mates is killing the agents beyond the gate. Kill both groups in roughly the same time and you will have gotten the achievement.

Leave No Survivors Twelfth Group

Here are a few tips to stay ahead for this group of achievements:

  • Immobilization and an easy way to apply a lot of blindness is incredibly useful for most of the fights.
  • Reflection will allow you to cut through most of the imps and oozes damage.
  • If you find the Veteran Mordrem Wolf difficult make use of food and consumables like Fire Elemental Powder to cut through it quickly.

Foefire Cleansing

To get these achievements you will need to head just west of the Vir’s Gate Waypoint to get to this instanced mission. This mission requires you to clear out the tomb of ghosts then follow through to destroy a possessed statue. Each run through this mission will take your ten to fifteen minutes.

The unfortunate part about these achievements is that you cannot do Not So Buff Now and Strike’s Over at the same time. This is due to the fact that Strike’s Over will require you to let at least three Menders to buff the statue in order for it to do a Power-Strike. Not So Buff Now requires that you don’t let the statue get buffed a single time. So getting all the achievements will take at least two tries if not more.

Safe Place In Foefire's Essence

Luckily you can do Not So Buff Now and Don’t Knock Yourself Out at the same time. What you will want for these achievements is a weapon that has the most range for your class and some way to do long distance immobilize, knock down, cripple or knock back. Once you enter into the main chamber you need to just head to the corner just right of statue boss and face so that you can see both the boss target and the entrance way to the room. From this vantage point you will be able to kill the Menders as they enter the room then turn your attention on the statue inbetween Menders.

Strike's Over

Strike’s Over follows the same idea as the previous achievements: head into the room to the corner and attack the statue. The difference this time is that you need to let three Menders get to the statue to allow it to charge up its Power-Strike attack. When it raises the hammer in the air with both hands you need to get ready to dodge towards the incoming shockwave. Once you dodge it you just need to kill the statue and make sure no other Menders get close to it.

Some helpful tips for this instanced mission:

  • If you watch the video you will see that we stand atop a pile of rubble and move side to side to confuse the incoming orbs of flame.  Find this spot to make this instance all the easer.
  • The statue is considered a structure so attacks from Fiery Greatsword and Ice Bow will absolutely destroy the boss.
  • Staying away from the center of the room appears to prevent the boss from making rubble rain from the ceiling and prevents the fire orb from spawning too close to you.
  • Keep a back-up knock down or immobilize ready just in case your normal attack rotation fails you when you are killing the Menders.
  • Having a team together will allow you to split the group between killing Menders and dealing damage against the boss.
  • While in this mission hunting for these achievements you will want to make sure your number one priority is to keep a close eye on the Menders that continuously spawn throughout the fight.