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Complete Skill Challenge Guide to Kessex Hills

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September 13, 2012 - 2:34am -- jeffprime
guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills

As players travel through Tyria in Guild Wars 2, they begin to automatically accumulate skill points beginning at level 5. However, there are so many useful skills out there that a player needs all the skill points they can get their grubby little hands on. Guild Wars 2 helps fulfill the players' never-ending need for skill points by allowing the player to garner additional skill points through the use of skill challenges. Skill challenges are found in every explorable zone, whether it be PvE or WvW. You will see how many skill challenges are present in a zone by looking at the loading screen when you load into a zone.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills

Kessex Hills is the zone that most human players will adventure in once they leave Queensdale. While Kessex Hills has a large number of waypoints and vistas, there are only five skill challenges to be found here. The skill challenge can take several forms, ranging from simple interaction with an object to a brutal, knock-down fight or a combination thereof. Once a player successfully completes the skill challenge, they are rewarded with an additional skill point. To help you gain the maximum number of skill points, offers this complete guide to the skill challenges found in Kessex Hills.

Skill challenge locations are marked on your map. To see where they are located, open your map by hitting the [M] key.

Skill Challenge Icon

Indicates a skill challenge that has not been completed

Completed Skill Challenge Icon

Indicates a skill challenge that has been completed

Skill Challenge #1 - Blackroot Cut

This skill challenge is pretty straightforward and is found in the swamp of Blackroot Cut to the far east of the Kessex Hills. You can drop straight down onto it from the road above if you don't feel like fighting your way through the swamp to get to it.

This skill challenge requires to interact with an Eternal Portal, which will then spawn two shades for the player to dispatch. Kill the two shades and you'll gain your skill point. Overall, the fight is very straightforward. If you drop down from the road, make sure you stay away from any mobs wandering about so you don't aggro them during the fight. Lay down any traps and prep any other useful abilities you have right before you interact with the portal so the shades will immediately be impacted by your preparation.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills

Skill Challenge #2 - Draithor's Demesnes

The second skill challenge in Kessex Hills is located southward of the first skill challenge and is found at Draithor's Demesnes. This skill challenge is found within a cave in the swamp. You'll have to fight through a number of various creatures of Draithor to reach the skill challenge location. To gain the skill point, you'll have to interact with the Enchanted Meat Rack, which will give you a piece of Draithor's Lab's Powerfully Weird Meat. Once you eat the meat, you'll gain the skill point.

The rub in this challenge is that the meat rack is in a room filled with Draithor's creatures. You'll need to drop them as quickly as you can and then interact with the meat rack. The creatures respawn really quickly so don't dilly-dally in this location. Grab the meat and run out.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills


Skill Challenge #3 - Garenhoff

The third skill challenge in Kessex Hills is located in the town of Garenhoff, which can be found in the Wizard's Fief section of the zone. This skill challenge requires the player to defeat a flame elemental by the name of Merkessa. To begin this challenge, speak to the man next to the elemental, Master Elementalist Dylane. Once you've confirmed that you're ready to go, the fight is on.

This can be a difficult fight. The elemental does a lot of damage and spawns molten areas that do AoE. Personally, I found that using ranged weapons was better dealing with him. In addition, you should prep any traps or other buffs right before you agree to the fight. The easiest way to deal with the elemental is with a group. Once somebody starts the skill challenge, other players tend to rush over to take part as well. The fight itself is kind of hard to miss if you're in the area.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills


Skill Challenge #4 - Meremoot Hill

The fourth skill challenge in Kessex Hills is found in a cave at Meremoot Hill. To fulfill this skill challenge, all a player needs to do is commune with a pillar of light. The difficulty here is that the pillar is in the center of a centaur encampment. In addition to all the normal centaurs in the area, the Harathi Overlord, a centaur champion, spawns in this area, which is a dynamic event (LINK) in of itself. My recommendation is to go into this skill challenge when the Overlord spawns and a group of players assemble to take him out. The players will usually slake their bloodlust by killing all the centaurs in the area and you'll be free to commune with the pillar of light.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills


Skill Challenge #5 - Eukaryan Caves

The final skill challenge for Kessex Hills is found on top of the Eukaryan Caves. This skill challenge takes the form of a fight against Toratl. All you have to do to start the fight is talk to him and let the fight begin. Toratl starts out with a leap attack, but otherwise his combat maneuvers are pretty standard. The wrinkle in the fight comes from the war machine by his side, Ol' Stinky. This weapon fires out a gob of poisonous goo that lays out a small AoE attack that lingers in an area for some time. You will want to avoid these goo splatters and go all out on Toratl. As long as you're not stupid and fight while standing in the noxious ooze, you should easily win this fight.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to kessex hills


Overall, there are a lesser number of skill challenges found in Kessex Hills than in other zones. The difficulty level for completing these skill challenges is pretty low, with the elemental fight and the challenge located in the centaur encampment being the two most difficult ones to complete. Five extra skill points are nothing to scoff at, and with Guild Wars 2's dynamic leveling system, you can hit Kessex Hills at any time. Gotta collect them all!