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Complete Dry Top Achievement Guide

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August 14, 2014 - 9:44am -- Lee B.
Complete Dry Top Achievement Guide

Town Achievements

Within Prospect Valley is a small town for traders, criminals and miners to set up shop. You can find it on the northern most part of the map beyond a river of quicksand. This general area has a few achievements associated with it and the nearby Inquest base.

Quicksand Survivor

This achievement requires you to stand inside the river of quicksand for a total of fifteen seconds. The quicksand itself removes 2,000 to 3,000 health per second and the damage is dealt regardless of aegis and invulnerability. There are two good methods of getting this achievement for either solo or team play.

To do it by yourself you will need a massive pool of health and a reliable source of health per second. It is highly recommended that you use mango pies, regeneration and some skill that gives health in strong, fast bursts or naturally gives health per second. If you can trait for your utility skill to also heal then you will have a strong build to maintain in the quicksand.

A team can easily get it done if the person you are with has AoE healing. Here you don’t necessarily need a large amount of health but need your ally to be able to heal quickly. Classes like Engineer, Ranger, Elementalist and Guardian have the best ability to heal others quickly through traits and utilities.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run Rock

To get this achievement you need to hit an Inquest agent, who is carrying a crystal shard, with a rock during the “Race against the Inquest to collect crystal shards for the Zephyrites” dynamic event. This dynamic event starts in the Flatland Wastes and occurs when the Sandstorm is not active. To do it is rather simple:

  • Pick up a rock.
  • Move near a crystal shard.
  • Wait for an Inquest to pick it up.
  • Hit him with the rock.

Legendary Llama Locator

For this achievement you need to find the Legendary Llama. After the “Race against the Inquest to collect crystal shards for the Zephyrites” dynamic event finishes a door will open to the west in the Flatland Wastes. This will lead to the Inquest facility and your destination.

Inside you need to immediately get your hands on a Sun Crystal Shard or destroy a containment cell to get one. You can destroy a containment cell to get a Sun Crystal Shard to drop. After that you need to head towards the quicksand river that cuts through the middle of the compound.

Legendary Llama Location

Jump into the quicksand at the location marked above and immediately use your one skill to go into the alcove. For good measure make sure your healing skill is ready so you can heal through any sudden damage. Once inside just jump up the rocks and you will find the Legendary Llama.

Exploration Achievements

The next set of achievements are scattered throughout the map or involve a lot of exploring to find them.  These will take time and some amount of skill to get done. It is also highly recommended you do these with a friend to make sure you can fight with each other or heal each other.

The Hunt for Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley

Buried Treasure Location

This achievement requires you to find and unlock three buried treasure chests. To find these you will need to explore the map during a sandstorm. They will spawn in random locations all throughout the map. To unlock them you need to have found, or purchased for Geodes, Zephyrite Lockpicks.

Coin Collector: Prospect Valley

Lost Coin Map and Locations

Getting this achievement involves finding all thirty hidden Lost Coins over the map. Use the map and key above to get an idea of where to go for each coin. We also have a screenshot gallery for more visual details to get to each coin.

Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber and Dive Master: Prospect Valley

To get to the top of the map go to the skill point location and turn around to face a large ladder-like wreckage. Use the Sky Crystal Shards to ascend to the top of the wreckage to where a grand chest will await for you. Don’t jump down, yet.

To get the Dive Master: Prospect Valley achievement you need to go higher to where the platform and goggles wait for you. Once there you need to put on the goggles, jump onto the nearby wreckage and jump off from there to get down to the pool. Watch the video above to see how to do it.

Sparring Rock Master

This achievement requires you to stay on the sparring rock during the dynamic event with Nochtli. To do this you simply need a lot of stability and learn the pattern of his attacks so you can dodge his knock-backs. More people involved in the event is better as you can burn him down faster that way.

Llama Drama

To become a Llama, and get this achievement, you need to first find a Skritt Burgular. At random points and random locations a chest will spawn that doesn't require a lockpick to open. Open it to get the burgular to spawn then chase him down, while dealing damage to him, to get him to turn you into a Llama.

Uplands Achievements

In the Entanglement update to the Living World the area Dry Top was expanded to include an "uplands" area to the map. To get to this new area you need to head through Scarlet's home and basement in Prosperity. Once getting to this area you can begin working on all the new achievements associated with this area.

Buried Treasure: Uplands

Beyond Scarlet’s basement is a whole new section of Dry Top called the Uplands. This area follows the same rules of Prospect Valley in that every forty minutes a sandstorm will arrive. For this achievement you need to find three buried chests in the Uplands during a sandstorm. Make use of your “show ally names” key to help you find these chests easily.

Chickenado Chaser


During a sandstorm a Chickenado will appear in the ravine near the oasis when there is only ten minutes remaining in the sandstorm. To get the Chickenado Chaser achievement you need to catch a chicken as it falls from the tornado. You will want to use a melee weapon and be right on top of the tornado as you attack it so, within the red circle marker at the base of the tornado. Keep attacking it and eventually a chicken will fall into your hands and the achievement will be done.

Coin Collector: Uplands

You can find our full guide on this achievement here.

Learned Legendary Llama Locator

To earn this achievement you need to find the Legendary Llama that is lurking in the Uplands. You will want to head north from the Restoration Refuge Waypoint and into the ravine. From there head to the north wall in between two ledges where a skritt hole lays. Use the nearby air crystal to jump up to the top most eastern ledge and run along it.

Learned Legendary Llama Location 1

Learned Legendary Llama Location 2

Learned Legendary Llama Location 3

Ruler of Shinies

Skritt Queen

To get the Skritt Queen to spawn for this achievement your instance of Dry Top must have reached tier 4 or higher. After reaching tier 4, and when ten minutes remain in the sandstorm, a prompt will appear on your screen that states the queen has spawned.  At this point you need to head towards the Choke Canyon point of interest and the open wooden gate. Just kill the Queen and you will get this achievement.

Challenger Cliffs Achievements

Challenger Cliffs was introduced to the Dry Top as part of the Dragon's Reach Part Two update. This map features three different tiers of land to explore as well as alludes to a very interesting new area where a mass of vines sits in wait. This new zone has five all new achievements associated with it with three of them involving dynamic events and two involving hunting out items to interact with.

Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs

Challenger Cliffs Coin Map

To complete this achievement you need to find all twelve Lost Coins scattered through out the map. Luckily all you really need is the Repair Station Waypoint to navigate from while you find all of these coins. You can find our full, in depth guide here

Heist Hinderer

To get this achievement you need to be at the Repair Station Waypoint where the event will begin every hour at :00, :15 and :30 minute mark. The event requires that you protect the supply caches against mobs of skritt. To get the achievement you need to make sure not a single supply cache is stolen.

The best method of doing this is to attack the Skritt Thief before it gets close to the supply caches. If a thief does get a cache make sure you immobilize, stun, cripple or chill them so they don’t advance far. If you have pulls or knockbacks make sure you knock the thief towards the camp so the other thieves will have to travel further to get the supply box.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Just move to the western most wall at the top most part of this map. You should see a large group of earth elementals that you will need to fight through. Once you get to the ledge you should notice a patch of green shrubs. Jump through them and you’ll find the dancing llama.

Rock ‘n’ Roller

Rock n Roller

Every hour at :00, :15 and :30 an event will begin at the Crash Site 3 point of interest that requires you to escort a golem from the crash site to the small camp. To get the achievement you need to make sure the golem gets to the camp within five minutes.

Getting the golem to move fast involves throwing charged rocks at the golem to get it to constantly move. Having a large group of people nearby will help to make sure you can kill the spawned mobs fast enough.        

Sand Shield

Sand Shield

This event will occur twice every hour at the :40 and :50 minute mark. It will start at the Repair Station Waypoint and requires you to escort Researcher Eway to his final destination. To get the achievement you need to make sure Eway does not drop below 25% health. Best methods of doing this involve not standing right on top of the NPC when he pauses, having AoE heals for the NPC and AoE cripples/stuns/immobilize for the enemies.