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Cities, Explorable Zones, and Dungeons by Level

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August 6, 2012 - 8:17am -- Sardu
Major Cities and Explorable Zones by Level
Zone List Icons
Renown Hearts
Points of Interest
Skill Challenges

Knowing what content is available for your current level is an important part of character advancement in any MMO. To help guide you as you travel throughout Tryia in Guild Wars 2, we’ve put together complete lists of explorable zones and dungeons by level. We’ve also added details on the total number of renown hearts, waypoints, points of interest, skill challenges, and vistas for each explorable zone and major city in the game.

Major Cities

City Name Race
Black Citadel Charr 11 17 5
Divinity's Reach Human 13 20 6
Hoelbrak Norn 14 24 5
Lion's Arch Neutral 13 21 9
Rata Sum Asura 9 19 5
The Grove Sylvari 4 19 6

Explorable Zones by Level

Zone Levels
Caledon Forest 1-15 18 18 20 7 8
Metrica Province 1-15 16 16 22 8 9
Plains of Ashford 1-15 16 18 26 7 10
Queensdale 1-15 17 16 21 7 9
Wayfarer Foothills 1-15 16 17 18 8 10
Brisban Wildlands 15-25 16 12 19 6 7
Diessa Plateau 15-25 15 19 21 8 9
Kessex Hills 15-25 14 18 18 5 9
Snowden Drifts 15-25 13 18 11 6 6
Gendarran Fields 25-35 11 22 15 7 8
Fields of Ruin 30-40 13 17 20 5 6
Lornar's Pass 30-40 15 16 43 9 10
Harathi Hinterlands 35-45 11 15 15 6 8
Valley Headland 35-45          
Blazeridge Steppes 40-50 15 18 10 5 5
Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50 11 18 24 6 8
Bloodtide Coast 40-50 13 15 18 6 7
Iron Marches 50-60 13 14 14 6 8
Timberline Falls 50-60 11 19 13 5 6
Sparkfly Fen 55-65 13 17 20 6 5
Mount Maelstrom 60-70 11 17 32 7 7
Fireheart Rise 60-70 12 18 16 7 8
Straits of Devastation 70-75 n/a 19 30 12 6
Frostgorge Sound 70-80 11 16 20 7 8

Please Note: We will be updating this page as new information becomes available for any zones listed above that are currently missing data.

Dungeons by Level

Dungeon Name Level Location
Ascalonian Catacombs 30 / 35 Plains of Ashford
Caudecus's Manor 40 / 45 Queensdale (Shire of Beetletun)
Twilight Arbor 50 / 55 Caledon Forest
Sorrow's Embrace 60 / 65 Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Citadel of Flame 70 / 75 Fireheart Rise
Crucible of Eternity 80 Mount Maelstrom
Honor of the Waves 80 Frostgorge Sound
Arah 80 Ruins of Orr

General notes on dungeons in Guild Wars 2:

  • All dungeons have a Story mode and an Explorable mode.

  • Story mode must be completed before you can access the explorable mode.

  • Apart from the level 80 dungeons, the explorable mode of each dungeon is intended for players roughly 5 levels higher than the story mode version. This is represented above in the level listing for each dungeon, with the first number representing the story mode level, and the second representing the intended level for explorable mode.

  • Vendors for unique armor and weapons for each dungeon are located in Lion's Arch.


Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Useful, thank you. 

I love the fact that there's so much to see and do in Guild Wars 2. The sheer number of points of interest, vistas, waypoints, and skill challenges is amazing. 

It will be interesting to see whether the renown hearts per area will decrease as you enter higher level zones. With Anet recently stating that Orr has zero renown hearts, I'm pretty sure that as you enter higher level areas, dynamic events will become more prominent, and the number of renown hearts will steadily drop off. 

It'll also be interesting to find out what the total number of skill challenges available in PvE is. 

Also, do dungeons have points of interest? Do their waypoints count towards the zone total?

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

I don't believe the dungeons contain any points of interest, but they do have waypoints that can be unlocked as you progress through them. Unless things have changed since I last ran through Catacombs, the dungeon interior waypoints won't count towards explorable zone totals, most likely due to the fact that explorable mode can be different each time you run through it.

As for the total number of skill challenges, the World Completion map legend lists a total of 187. Not sure if that includes the WvW zones, since those also have a few each. I'm guessing they're included though, since you see the same world completion tracker on the map while in WvW.

Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Thanks for the reply. 

Concerning WvW zones, I seem to recall seeing or reading somewhere that the skill challenges reset when the servers are rebalanced every 2 weeks. Do you have any idea if this is the case? 

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

I'm looking for something that confirms the thing with WvW skill challenge resets, but in the meantime I can at least confirm that there were a total of 199 in the map legend during the last stress test. Hard to say where the extra dozen come from, but I suppose we'll know in a few weeks. :)

Cronck's picture
Submitted by Cronck on

Thanks for all the great info, loved the parts on dungeons BC i have yet to do a full run yet.

When life gives you lemons, shoot them back at life at high velocity.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

I'll be doing a more comprehensive piece on dungeons soon... not sure when it will go up, but it's already in the works.

I've run through Catacombs (both modes) quite a few times, and had a blast each time. Probably some of the most interesting boss encounters I've played in an MMO in a very long time, and I loved those moments of realization as my group members figured out some of the less obvious mechanics. For example the "Lovers" encounter is deceptively simple, but once you figure out what you have to do it's a really fun fight.

Owatatsumi's picture
Submitted by Owatatsumi on

Cool information. Could you please mark with an asterisk the game zones that are still incomplete? I'm a bit surprised to see that the starting racial zones have differing amounts of Renown Hearts, Waypoints, Points of Discovery, Skill Challenges, and Vistas. Do you know if this was intentional or not? If so why they might have done it?

I can understand from a world design perspective if they just organically came to that number while designing a zone. Still some people might look at this and roll a race just because they have easier access to these different aspects of the map that gain rewards. I can't remember how much exp you get for things like discoveries. If its a small amount this might not be too big of a deal, plus people can always use Asura Gates to go to other races starting zones.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

I'll see about making some additional notes or indications of which zones we'll be updating once the info becomes available.

As for the differences between the racial starting zones, I'm somewhat surprised that they didn't standardize those for the reasons you pointed out. I've seen those zones go through a lot of iterations over the past two years during industry events and elsewhere, but I'm sure there must be some logic behind having more or  less "completionist" tasks per starting zone. We may have some opportunities to speak with ArenaNet this month, so I'll make a note to discuss some that stuff if possible.

sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

@ Owatatsumi

Like you said, it's very simple to gate to the other starter areas to pick up easy points.  This encourages people to move about as well.  Just getting exploration for running a new newbie zone is worth it at low levels.


This will article will make for nice reference - thankssmiley

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

An update pass has been made to the main zone list that reflects changes to completion totals in some cases, and some of the missing zones have been added to the list. Another update is already in the works so we should have things 100% current over the next couple of days. 

summerinfl's picture
Submitted by summerinfl on

Please add the following to the list:

Malchor's Leap - 75 - 80 - 13WP; 37POI; 15SP; 5Vista

Cursed Shore - Level 80 - 12WP; 28POI; 17SP; 5 Vista


Thank you for this list! :)